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KDDI Introduces 15 New Summer Models to its au Mobile Phone Lineup

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Corporation


KDDI and Okinawa Cellar are pleased to introduce 15 new models to the au lineup, developing a theme of response to customers' varied individual lifestyles.

With a view to enriching users' leisure time, 'One Seg' technology permitting TV use near water, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, will be introduced with two 'Waterproof One Seg' handsets in the series.

For those with a passion for recording special events and images in their lives, the 'EXILIM Keitai W53CA' features a 5 megapixel camera along with an anti-shake system. For music lovers, the 'Walkman® Keitai W52S' will be perfect not only for individual use, but for listening to or watching favorite songs and video clips with friends. This handset has 2GB of internal memory and up to 110 hours[1] of 'Stamina®' [2] playing time is enabled.

KDDI's summer lineup features a wide range models to meet varied lifestyles, including models with easily changeable outer panels to match the feelings of users, slim line and sophisticated design packages with all necessary functions, and 'Kantan' (simple) handsets with ease-of-use to match particular lifestyles, including those of mobile beginners.

* 'EXILIM' is a registered trademark of the Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
* 'Walkman' and the Walkman logo are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation.

[1]  Playing time featuring downloaded 'EZ Chaku-Uta Full ®' saved to handset memory, with the DBEX™ mode on 'OFF'. The DBEX mode is 'on' as an initial setting at purchase. Consecutive playback time with DBEX™ mode on 'ON' will be 40 hours.
[2]  'Stamina' is a registered trademark of the Sony Corporation.
Photo: New Summer Models
Photo: New Summer Models

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