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Isuzu and KDDI fully remodel "Mimamori-kun Online Service" <Reference>

Main features are as follows:

New Mimamori-kun Controller
(1)  The controller acquired type certification of "Digital type Operation Recorder (so-called digital tachograph)" authorized by MLIT.

(2)  The built-in CDMA 1X WIN communication module newly developed by KDDI enables wireless operation of digital tachograph ("internet digital tachograph") for the first time in Japan. This not only can reduce costs arising from loss or damage of memory cards which were necessary for the previous system but allows operation analysis during long travel of a vehicle without any need to its return to the office for the analysis.

(3)  Isuzu and KDDI added audio warning and the function to show an eco-mark on a large LCD indicating the level of fuel-saving operation. This enables a driver to check safe and fuel-saving driving condition behind the wheel and in real time, which can realize safer and more fuel-efficient driving.

Addition and Improvement of Service Menu
(1)  "Message Distribution" (addition)
You can send a message from PC in the office to a vehicle. The message is shown on LCD of the new controller on board and you can check at PC in the office whether the message was read by a driver. The message received in the vehicle is not accessible while vehicle is in motion for the sake of safety.

(2)  "Notice of Vehicle Maintenance" (addition)
The system automatically judges part change timing and informs a vehicle and the office of the timing arrival. If you input change cycle of parts such as engine oil subject to change at the PC screen, the system automatically judges change timing and shows the arrival of the change timing at new controller and PC. The system covers ten parts including different oils, tire, and air cleaner.

(3)  "Thief? warning" (addition)
In this service, the system notifies an administrator when a driver fails to enter pre-determined password. Password is set at PC in the office and distributed to a vehicle. On board, a password entry is necessary for key-on. If pre-determined password is not entered, the system alerts pre-registered administrator.

(4)  "Vehicle Positioning Information Service" (improvement)
The service is improved so that you can check a vehicle positioning with PC in the office even when the vehicle is in key-off condition. Formally, the key-on condition in a vehicle is necessary for locating the vehicle. This improvement is made to meet needs for checking vehicle location when vehicle is in key-off condition as driver takes a break outside the vehicle.

(5)  Compatibility with external equipment and software
Now Mimamori-kun can be compatible with ETC (Denso's certification type), car navigation system (Pioneer's certification type) and operation software (Navisia by NAV ASSIST). This streamlines not only vehicle operation in motion but post-operation paperwork.

Targeted sales volume
10,000 units/year (Japan)

Sales price (including tax)
Initial introduction cost


* In addition to above, installation labor cost is necessary

Monthly fee



Internet Digital Tachograph

¥28,000 (3 year package)
Temperature information

Operation profile

Door opening outside designated location


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