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KDDI Announces Rental of GLOBAL EXPERT Mobile Phones for Overseas Use at au Shops

KDDI Corporation


KDDI is pleased to announce that it will start accepting reservations to rent GSM handsets for overseas use with its GLOBAL EXPERT international roaming service at au Shops from August 1st.

GLOBAL EXPERT is an international roaming service that can be used simply by inserting the au IC Card from an au handset into a GSM handset that supports services overseas. GLOBAL EXPERT can be used in about 170 countries and territories, enabling voice calls to be made with the same phone number as in Japan.

Customers can purchase or rent the GSM handset needed to use this service. Previously, handsets could be reserved through the au GLOBAL EXPERT Handset Rental Service, (provided by KDDI Networks and Solutions) via the Web (EZweb/PC), a toll-free number, or fax, and collected and returned via post or KDDI service counters at Narita and Kansai International Airports.

In addition to the previous methods, KDDI will now enable rental handsets to be reserved, collected, and returned at au Shops, in response to high demand from customers. This will make it much easier for customers to obtain a GSM handset, enabling GLOBAL EXPERT to be used with even greater convenience.

For more information on KDDI's GLOBAL EXPERT Global Roaming service, please visit

* At some au Shops in the Kanto area, this service is scheduled to start on a trial basis from mid July. At au Shops in Okinawa, the service will start when preparations have been made.

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