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KDDI Announces 'Everyone Discount (Discount for All)' - Basic Monthly Charge Halved for Customers Old and New

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to introduce the "Everyone Discount (Discount for All) " plan for au mobile phone subscribers. The new plan, available from September 1, will allow customers who subscribe for two years to enjoy the maximum discount to basic monthly charges. "Discount for All" will be available for all subscribers, regardless of the time they have been using au.

"Everyone Discount" halves the basic monthly charge for CDMA 1X WIN service. In the first year of use, it provides a 13.5% greater discount than the previous "My Plan Discount" or "Annual Discount" + "Family Discount/Business Discount".

KDDI will also offer its current campaign, "Double Flat Rate Chance," to "My Plan Discount/My Plan Discount for Business" customers from July 20. New subscribers to "My Plan Discount/My Plan Discount for Business" or Packet Flat-Rate Service will receive a discount of 4,410 yen (inc. tax) on their first month's basic charge. Through this means, new subscribers between July 20 and August 31, before "Everyone Discount" begins, can receive campaign privileges by applying for "My Plan Discount/My Plan Discount for Business" in advance. For these customers, "Everyone Discount" will be automatically applied from September.

* Okinawa Cellular is not holding the "Double Flat Rate Chance" campaign.

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