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KDDI Announces "au one mail" Featuring Google Technology

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular, in partnership with Google, are pleased to announce "au one mail", a new email service based on Google's Gmail. "au one mail" will be available, at no charge, on "au one", the new unified portal site for both mobile phones and PCs from the end of September.

The new "au one mail" service will offer a high capacity 2GB of mail storage space, using an exclusive e-mail address ( Additionally, "au one mail" will allow keyword quick search for all mail sent and received with Google search technology and also enable display all mail received by separate thread [1].

For customers that use an au mobile phone, the "au one mail" address can be utilized in various convenient ways. For example, it can be used as a second address in addition to conventional EZ mail (, in order to exchange mail within groups without concern about restrictions on simultaneous recipients [2] or packet rates for file attachments. The "au one mail" address can also be used to sign up for Internet communities and shopping, while keeping the EZ mail address for private use.

And for even greater enjoyment and convenience, KDDI will enable pictograms to be used on PCs, and enable all EZ mail sent and received to be stored automatically as au one mail. Through such means, KDDI aims to provide "100 Year Mail," [3] enabling users to store a lifetime's mail even if they change handset models.

[1]  Threaded displays show the initial message and all subsequent replies.
[2]  The maximum number of multiple receivers on EZ mail is five, as an anti-spam measure.
[3]  There is no guarantee given that mail can be used for one hundred years. It is assumed that 20 mails per day, each about 200 characters in length, will be sent or received (with no file attachments).

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