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KDDI Introduces "au one" Unified Portal Site for au Mobile Phones and PCs

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the launch of "au one," a unified portal site for mobile phones and PCs, which will integrate the portal sites for EZweb Internet service for au mobile phones and DION Internet service for PCs, as well as the DUOGATE PC portal for mobile phones. "au one" will become available from late September.

"au one" will have the same simple, visual-based menu for both au handsets and PCs. This unified portal will give users easy access to the news and content they desire, in both visual and operational terms. Through a remote-control-style user interface, au one will provide direct access, using the number keys of a mobile phone or PC, to convenient tools for daily life, such as weather and transport information, entertainment content, such as music and games, and EC content, such as shopping malls and auctions.

au one will also offer au one mail, using Gmail technology from Google's Web mail service, downloadable official content, including music, games, and e-books based on the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, and blogs and SNS. All this content will be searchable via a single keyword, using an original search feature called "au one Keyword." In addition, users will be able to search through all merchandise in the au Internet shopping site "au Shopping Mall" using the large screen of a PC.

Looking ahead, KDDI will further integrate "au one" with features and services on mobile phones, in order to make it even more familiar and convenient, in accordance with how people use their mobile phone and PC in daily life. In addition, KDDI will develop new features, such as the ability to automatically customize the news and content presented to each customer in line with his or her usage tendencies, leisure interests, and personal preferences. Through such means, KDDI aims to create "mobile-style personal portals" that bring together the information desired by each customer.

In line with the unification of portal brands, the DION Internet service brand will also be changed to "au one net." By bringing its portal sites and Internet services together under the brand name "au," so that au is not just a mobile phone service, but the brand for all KDDI's Internet services, KDDI will continue to develop and provide services that match the lifestyle of each individual customer.

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