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KDDI Announces Revision of CDMA 1X Rates and Unification with CDMA 1X WIN Rate Options

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the November unification of rate options for CDMA 1X and CDMA 1X WIN, making charges simpler and easier for customers to understand.

Currently, a different option exclusively for CDMA 1X is provided in each area. Now, however, rate options provided for CDMA 1X WIN will be introduced as a unified option common to both services. Applications for new subscriptions and option changes will be accepted from November 12.

In line with this development, acceptance of applications for new subscriptions and changes regarding current CDMA 1X options other than Support Plan will cease on November 11.

From November 12, the basic rate will be halved [1] for subscribers to the unified option for CDMA 1X and DareDeMo Wari, regardless of years of use, as with CDMA 1X WIN.

Applications for Support Plan, a Wide Support option available to customers of junior high school age or lower or age 60-plus, will continue to be accepted from November 12 onward. This option is for CDMA 1X only.

Customers who subscribe to current options for CDMA 1X will be able to continue using those options.

[1]  Except for Daytime S and Wide Support

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