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KDDI Launches "DVD Burning" DVD Download Service

KDDI Corporation


KDDI is pleased to announce "DVD Burning", a new DVD download service which will launch on September 27.

"DVD Burning" is the world's first video download service that uses CPRM technology [1] to enable customers to burn movie, animation, and video content to DVD-RWs on their PC via their broadband connection. Customers can therefore purchase DVD content with high AV quality, on a par with commercially available DVDs, for unlimited use.

The new service will provide about 1,000 units (disk basis) of content, primarily movies, dramas, and animations from 60 content providers in Japan and overseas, including Warner Bros. and Yoshimoto Kogyo, as well as previously unreleased content. Newly released content will also become available at the same time as the DVD version goes on sale. "DVD Burning" plans to provide about 5,000 titles (3,000 units) [2] by the end of this fiscal year.

This service will also be promoted on the top page and linked with each category of "au one," a unified portal site for mobile phones and PCs to be opened by KDDI, providing entertaining content for customers.

To celebrate the start of "DVD Burning", KDDI will hold the Warner Special Price Campaign from September 27 to October 31, offering Warner content at special low prices.

[1]  CPRM is a copyright protection technology that strengthens the encryption of commercially available DVDs.
[2]  One unit = One DVD

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