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KDDI Completes Integrated 'KCP+' Platform; Installation Scheduled for Three Models in 2007 Fall/Winter Line-up


KDDI, in partnership with QUALCOMM, has completed the development of 'KCP+,' an integrated platform that brings together a range of advanced technologies to enable the latest services. The aim is to substantially boost the cost-competitiveness of handset development, now that software is becoming more advanced and complex.

'KCP+' will be installed in the W56T, W54S, and W54SA, which are scheduled for release from December onward. It will subsequently be used in an even wider range of handsets.

In handset development to date, KDDI has used 'KDDI Common Platform' (KCP), which is based on QUALCOMM's MSM™ chipset and BREW, for basic mobile Internet applications such as browsers and mailers.

With 'KCP+,' the range of common software has been expanded to encompass not just basic applications, but virtually all mobile phone software, including the OS and middleware. The provision of 'KCP+' to handset makers, as a KDDI integrated platform in combination with QUALCOMM's MSM7500™ chipset, will further reduce the cost and time required to develop new handsets. Moreover, by installing 'KCP+,' handset makers will be able to concentrate their development resources on aspects that differentiate each model, such as design, user interface, and additional devices.

With the W56T, W54S, and W54SA, KDDI will support the very latest services and substantially reinforced capabilities, notably LISMO 'Audio Equipment Compatibility,' as well as 'au one Gadget,' 'Multi-Play Window,' and the latest wireless specification, 'EV-DO Rev.A.'

CDMA 1xED-DO Rev.A is a faster version of the 1xEV-DO standard that au CDMA 1X WIN phones currently support, and enables 3.1Mbps (max) for downlink (from the base station to the mobile phone) and 1.8Mbps (max) for uplink (from the mobile phone to the base station).

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