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KDDI and Sony Introduce 'au x SonyMUSIC PROJECT'

KDDI Corporation
Sony Corporation


KDDI Corporation and Sony Corporation are pleased to announce the 'au x SonyMUSIC PROJECT', a new service which combines au's 'LISMO' music service with SonyWalkmanandNET JUKEHDD Network Audio system compatibility. 'au x SonyMUSIC PROJECT' is aimed at creating an environment where music can be enjoyed freely across the spectrum of mobile phone, PC, and audio device.

With the dramatic growth of the popular 'Chaku-Uta Full' music service, 'Chaku-Uta Full' files for listening on mobile phones now account for majority of Japan's music download market. Broadband too is becoming increasingly more widespread, and in addition to music download services for PC, the downloading of music directly to HDD network audio system without using a PC is becoming popular.

However, mobile phones and audio device have so far been separate environments for music; for example, music obtained via mobile phone cannot be played on a home audio system orWalkman. Consequently, users have been unable to choose freely which device to play their music on.

Accordingly, 'au x SonyMUSIC PROJECT' has enabledWalkmanto support Chaku-Uta Full via PC as well as viaNET JUKE. KDDI and Sony aim to achieve an environment where music can be enjoyed more freely, across the categories of mobile phone, PC, and audio device, by utilizing music flexibly from various sources, such as mobile downloads, network downloads, and CDs.

* WALKMAN, WALKMAN logo, and NET JUKE are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
* Chaku-uta and Chaku-uta Full are registered trademarks of Sony Music Entertainment.

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