KDDI Announces Global Expansion of Overseas Area Network Managed Package Service Areas

KDDI Corporation

February 12, 2009

KDDI has expanded the provisioning area for its "Overseas Area Network Managed Package" which it offers to global corporate customers, providing connectivity between locations in various countries and regions. From February 17, the Global-Area Ethernet service will be offered by our North American headquarters, and from the end of March, the IP-VPN service will be offered in both Thailand and Malaysia.

The Overseas Area Network Managed Package combines a local network that ties a customer's multiple overseas offices throughout a single region such as Europe with a CE router [1] and monitoring functions.

Until recently, overseas area network customers were required to negotiate directly, either from Japanese headquarters or the overseas local subsidiary, with local carriers to handle the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the network. This involved complicated procedures and numerous expenses to coordinate with individual local communication vendors regarding procedures such as procuring CE routers.

With Overseas Area Network Managed Package service, KDDI will handle applications and payments on the Japanese side, provide operation and maintenance services, reduce the operational burden on customers, and improve convenience.

KDDI is strengthening its presence as a wide-area Ethernet service provider in the United States and is also providing comprehensive support for consolidation of ICT environments for customers in South-East Asia, particularly in regions where communications infrastructure is not yet complete. Now and in the future, KDDI will continue to expand its service area to provide even better business service for our customers.

  • [1] CE router stands for Customer Edge Router and is device installed at the customers' site and acts as the terminus for a WAN network.
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