KDDI Announces Founding of the Joint Venture TELEHOUSE VIETNAM and Opening of the Data Center TELEHOUSE HANOI in Vietnam <Attachment>

1. Founding of Joint Company

Founded March 2010 (expected)
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Capital Around 500 million yen
Stack in the company KDDI 34%
ITX 15% [1]
FPT Information System (FIS) 51% [1]
Employees Around 20
Business details Development of the data center business in Vietnam
  • [1] For details on FPT Information System (FIS) and ITX see the reference material

2. Data Center Outline

Basic information Location Hanoi (Cau Giay district), Vietnam
Size 1,900m2 (total floor space)
Electric equipment Power system Power is supplied through a loop distribution system
Backup generator N + 1 redundancy structure
UPS equipment N + 1 redundancy structure
Heating, ventilation,
and air conditioning
(HVAC) equipment
HVAC structure N + 1 redundancy structure
Operation and security Operation system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Working language English and Vietnamese
Security IC card, biometric authentication, surveillance cameras

3. Service Details

(1) Basic colocation services

1) Colocation service (rack)
Customer equipment is stored in 19-in. racks provided by TELEHOUSE HANOI, and the racks are equipped with individual locks, cooling fans, and electrical systems.

2) Colocation service (cage)
For customers who demand strong security, we provide space surrounded by a cage.

3) Colocation service (open)
TELEHOUSE provides rack space and electricity for individual racks.

(2) Optional Services

1) Customer equipment monitoring service
In addition to monitoring services including Ping monitoring [2] and SNMP trap monitoring [3], there are report services that provide various types of reports such as traffic reports and failure history report.

  • [2] Ping monitoring refers to monitoring the (normal) operational state of customer's equipment using the Ping command (a command to check the connection of devices on a TCP/IP network.)
  • [3] SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap monitoring refers to periodically monitoring the event log to check the operational state of customer's equipment and sending an alarm notification if a problem is detected.

2) Managed services
TELEHOUSE provides managed service for regular operations and trouble support services that include isolating problems with customer equipment, implementing emergency recovery measures and making repairs.

4. Logo

Company name


Site name


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