Opening of the New Chinese Data Center: TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI

July 15, 2010

On Monday, July 19, 2010 KDDI will launch TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI and provide services in Shanghai, China. This will be KDDI's second TELEHOUSE brand data center in China following the Beijing opening.
The opening of TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI will bring the total number of TELEHOUSE sites to 18 sites in 12 cities spanning 9 regions worldwide (approximately 113,000 square meters).

TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI is a high spec data center constructed in the Pudong district in Shanghai with cooperation from Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd., one of the few carrier-neutral data center providers in Shanghai [1]. In addition to two routes of power supply from the different power substations, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and backup generator in case of incidences such as blackouts, the facility is equipped with various systems, including an ultra-sensitive smoke detection system (VESDA), to prevent emergency troubles. Extensive security measures have been implemented, which include security guards that station the site 24-hours a day, metal detector, and a facility access management system that employs security gates. TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI is ready to provide high quality data center service to customers with its high spec facilities and technological and operative knowhow which is in accordance with TELEHOUSE global standard.

As KDDI recognizes the importance of Shanghai city as the commercial and financial hub of Asia, we have been providing global ICT solutions through Shanghai KDDI Communications Engineering Co. Ltd since 2000 and the establishment of KDDI Shanghai. They have a solid track records of speedy and reliable supports for ICT solutions among multi national companies expanding operations in Shanghai. This opening of TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI will provide a comprehensive environment where customers can outsource their equipments safely.

See the attached information for more detailed information about TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI.

  • [1] Shanghai Data Solution is a company established in Shanghai in July 1997 that owns a high quality data center with career diversity which customers can connect their networks directly to communications providers such as China Telecom (CT) and China Unicom (CU)
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