New release: AQUOS PHONE SERIE with IGZO
- Amazing battery life with IGZO and high capacity battery -

KDDI Corporation

May 20, 2013

From late July 2013 onward, KDDI and OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY will release AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL22, the first au smartphone to feature the revolutionary IGZO.

AQUOS PHONE SERIE incorporates a combination of IGZO, which allows a large screen and high definition performance to coexist with energy efficient operation, a 3,080 mAh high capacity battery, and Sharp's original energy saving technology called, Eco Waza, to let users enjoy SNS and music playback without worrying about battery life.
What's more, the camera function features a high speed startup that lets you snap those important shots without missing the action and a bright smartphone top class F1.9 lens, making it easy to snap bright photos with natural color.
The operability is also bolstered with widespread enhancements making it easy for smartphone beginners to dive right in and enjoy using their phone.

The "au +1 collection" lets you take advantage of advanced accessories that are even more user-friendly than before, like covers that are compatible with tabletop holder charging and covers that can be coordinated with the phone body color.


AQUOS PHONE SERIE will go on display at KDDI Designing Studio (Harajuku, Tokyo), au Nagoya (Sakae) and au Osaka (Umeda) from mid June 2013.

For more details, please see the attachment.

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