New approach for 2013 smartphones - Shifting from "basic use" to "mastery"
- 3M Strategy - Phase 2: Start of Smart Relations Concept! -

KDDI Corporation

May 20, 2013

In pursuing the 3M Strategy (Multi-Use, Multi-Network, Multi-Device) as part of the business vision, KDDI and OKINAWA CELLULAR have introduced customers to a world in which they can enjoy a variety of content and services anytime and anywhere, over optimized networks, using the devices of their choice.

The first phase of the 3M Strategy, which began with the announcement of the Smart Passport Concept in January 2012, provided customers with simple, seamless, and secure access to the world of the open Internet with au Smart Pass, au Smart Value, 4G LTE networks, multi-devices (LTE-compatible smartphones and tablets, Smart TV Stick, etc.).

In 2013, KDDI will begin the second phase of the 3M Strategy with the Smart Relations Concept, which aims to promote services that integrate the 3M world achieved under the Smart Passport Concept more deeply into daily life. The Smart Relations Concept aims to strengthen the connection between smartphones and real life, and implement service innovation that makes daily life simpler and more amazing. In this phase, KDDI will take a variety of approaches to shift the emphasis away from the "basic use" of smartphones, toward "mastery".

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