Start of Kodomo Park An intellectual education service for au smartphones where parents and kids can learn in a fun way
— Integrated with application restrictions and other functions for safe and secure use —


June 24, 2013

From July 1, 2013, KDDI CORPORATION (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Takashi Tanaka, hereafter KDDI) and FUHU Inc. (Headquarters: California, United States, CEO: Jim Mitchell, hereafter FUHU) will begin offering Kodomo Park, a children's educational family-orientated intellectual education service that can be used on au smartphones.

Kodomo Park will be offered for a monthly information charge of 790 yen (tax included) and has over 50 applications for unlimited downloading from au smartphones in various genres for kids such as music, English, drawing, and puzzles. Also included is a service that can track the usage of each application and the study history. Parents can check their children's progress and encourage the intellectual development of their children. What's more, Kodomo Mode, in which parents can set specific applications that children can access so there is no chance of accidently accessing any other applications, and other functions let children safely use their parent's smartphone.

Image: Kodomo Park

In November 2012, KDDI made its first American corporate investment to FUHU through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund. For the first endeavor with FUHU, we offer Kodomo Park, making use of the FUHU existing services for children, their platform and knowhow, and we look to continue expanding services.

For more details, see the attachment.

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