Start of the GAKUMO Study Service for Junior High and High School Students
— Turn your smartphone into a private study hall in the palm of your hand —

KDDI Corporation

June 24, 2013

From July 1, 2013, KDDI (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo; President: Takashi Tanaka) and Quipper,Ltd. (Headquarters: England; CEO: Masayuki Watanabe) will begin offering GAKUMO. This study service for junior high and high school students offers material for quick and effective studying using smartphones.

GAKUMO is a collaboration between KDDI and Quipper that provides a study service for junior high and high school students utilizing a study platform optimized for mobility. Kids can take the mobile device they always carry around and turn it into a "private study hall" in the palm of their hands to use whenever they want to study.

Study courses (material) include 5 courses in 3 subjects for junior high and 9 courses in 5 subjects for high school students, and the material provided features content from educational institutions across Japan. Each 15-minute study cycle is in a question-and-answer format of meticulously selected problems containing required content from within the curriculums of each subject and each grade. This gives users an effective means of studying.

GAKUMO is not just a digital workbook. It has short, easy-to-understand, and abundant video explanations, a "Conquest Box" to thoroughly review missed problems and encourage knowledge retention, rewards for continuing studying, and more. GAKUMO is setup to make students understand and keep them going so that busy junior high and high school students can use it for daily studies and as a means to study for final exams and entrance exams. Furthermore, from August 2013, GAKUMO will have an inquiry function where students can use messages and ask instructors questions directly.

KDDI and Quipper will continue working with various educational institutions to enhance subjects and functions, and propose new styles of studying that utilize mobile networks and mobile devices.

In conjunction with the start of GAKUMO, from July 1, 2013, KDDI will start "Study Riot 2013". This campaign is in association with the teen rock festival, "Flash Riot 2013".

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