Expansion of TELEHOUSE Data Centers in Shanghai
- Launch of the Second TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI Site -

October 21, 2013

KDDI has announced the opening of its second data center in Shanghai, China and the service will be provided from November 1

TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI JINQIAO will be located in the JINQIAO area inside the Pudong New Area in Shanghai. It will meet the security needs demanded from financial and other institutions and will guarantee a 99.999% power supply, the highest level in China. Also, this will be the first TELEHOUSE data center to implement the latest security system comprised of X-ray inspection and facial recognition systems.

TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd will operate the data center business of TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI JINQIAO when it opens. TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd is a joint venture established with Shanghai Data Solutions, which boasts a solid track record of operations of many other data centers in Shanghai.

In January 2013, KDDI expanded TELEHOUSE data centers in Beijing and Hong Kong, and with the launch of TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI JINQIAO, high quality TELEHOUSE data centers meeting the TELEHOUSE global standard in China's three major cities will number six. The total floor area of the data centers in these three key cities of the Asian market will reach 75,000m², the highest level of any foreign-owned corporation. This expansion allows KDDI to meet a variety of customers' needs for data centers in China.

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