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The KDDI Group Philosophy

Our Corporate Credo

Our Credo is
"Elevate Our Minds"
and is supported by
"Asking ourselves if our motives are righteous or selfish".

The KDDI Group Mission Statement

The KDDI Group values and cares about the material and emotional well-being of all its employees, and delivers a thrilling customer experience by always going further than expected with the ultimate goal of achieving a truly connected society.

The KDDI Group Philosophy

Chapter 1: Vision

  1. 1.1
    Connecting people "heart to heart", bringing smiles from "face to face"
  2. 1.2
    Being global
  3. 1.3
    Responsibility extending 24/7 and 365 days a year
  4. 1.4
    Satisfying customers
  5. 1.5
    Delivering a thrilling customer experience by always going further than expected
  6. 1.6
    Keeping aspirations alive
  7. 1.7
    Each one of us makes the KDDI Group what it is
  8. 1.8
    Embracing diversity

Chapter 2: Management Principles

  1. 2.1
    Fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities
  2. 2.2
    Clearly state the purpose and mission of our business
  3. 2.3
    Pursue profit fairly
  4. 2.4
    Transparent management
  5. 2.5
    Maximizing revenues, minimizing expenses
  6. 2.6
    Lean and mean management
  7. 2.7
    Real-time business management

Chapter 3: Professional Mindset

  1. 3.1
    We set specific goals with a pure and aspirational mind. Once our targets are set, we will drive ourselves to keep going with a strong commitment until we achieve success. Then we will share the fruits of our accomplishments.

Chapter 4: Way Forward

  1. 4.1
    Be self-motivated
  2. 4.2
    Keep your fighting spirit alive
  3. 4.3
    Taking ownership
  4. 4.4
    Open and direct communication
  5. 4.5
    Be agile; think and act with a sense of urgency
  6. 4.6
    Let's unite as a team to achieve our goals
  7. 4.7
    Put yourself in the perspective of your boss
  8. 4.8
    Look at what you do, from the outside in
  9. 4.9
    Tackle a challenge head-on
  10. 4.10
    Always be creative in your work
  11. 4.11
    Every small effort counts
  12. 4.12
    Believe in our potential
  13. 4.13
    Go back to the basic principles
  14. 4.14
    To know the problem, go, see and touch
  15. 4.15
    Playing by the rules
  16. 4.16
    Tough love at work

Chapter 5: Formula for Success

  1. 5.1
    Achievement = Attitude x Effort x Ability
  2. 5.2
    Do the right thing as a human being
  3. 5.3
    Be altruistic
  4. 5.4
    Be grateful to others
  5. 5.5
    Have an open mind and a humble attitude
  6. 5.6
    Be positive

KDDI Code of Business Conduct

KDDI Group Human Rights Policy