President's Message

Aiming to realize "integration of telecommunications and life design" to further improve customer experience value

Advances in information and communications technology have brought us to the dawn of a digital transformation,where the utilization of telecommunications and the Internet will revolutionize industries across the board. Every industry sector needs to be able to meet this challenge.

Amid such an environment, KDDI has been accelerating its efforts to "transform into a business that provides customer experience value" as a business management direction under the Medium-term Objectives through to fiscal 2018.For individual customers, we are aiming for the "integration of telecommunications and life design," actively proposing new value to customers by expanding life design services such as commerce, energy, finance, and entertainment, in addition to our existing telecommunications services.

In our corporate services, we will engage with the changes in our customers' businesses and contribute to their core businesses with the goal of being our customers' preferred choice as a true business partner. In our overseas business, we will accelerate the growth of our telecommunications businesses in Myanmar and Mongolia. In our "TELEHOUSE" data center operations, which have bases in 47 countries, we will aim to continue strengthening our earnings capability and expanding our business scale.

Furthermore, as we fully enter the age of IoT and 5G, we will work to realize the "integration of telecommunications and life design." To this end, we will develop services that provide customers with experience value by speeding up new value proposals, such as enhancing the "au HOME" home IoT service, while expanding the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) telecommunications technology for IoT and taking steps to promote connected cars.

We will also move to deepen our understanding of customers through our various customer touchpoints, data analysis, and other means, and propose a range of life design services to enhance customers' well-being.

Through these business operations, we in the KDDI Group will work as one to pioneer a new age, contributing even further to the development of a prosperous communications- oriented society.

Thank you for your continuing support and cooperation.

April 2018
Makoto Takahashi