President's Message

Emphasizing the

In the field of information and communications, the equalization of the mobile communications market is continuing and a new era of cross-industry competition is beginning, starting with expansion of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). Regardless of the change of business environment, KDDI will conduct operations that satisfy customers' needs while emphasizing both the " customer's perspective," and " innovation."

Our new business management direction for fiscal 2016–2018 states our intention to " Transform into a Business that Provides Customer Experience Value." Aiming to transform from a telecommunications company into a " Life Design Company" in all business fields, we will provide diverse and beneficial products and services for the different stages of our customers' lives.

We are already working to further development of the " au economic zone," a new pillar of growth. In addition to " au WALLET" and physical products sales business, the " au Denki" electric power service started in April 2016 and the " au Insurance & Loan" financial service have both been getting good reviews from customers.

The global business is another of our growth pillars. In the " global consumer business" specifically, we will leverage knowhow cultivated in Japan to accelerate the growth of the telecommunications business in Myanmar and Mongolia.

In addition, in the global ICT business, we will pursue further growth by strengthening data center operations in Europe through the "TELEHOUSE" brand.

Even as we move forward with business in this way, we recognize that we must remain faithful to our mission. Namely, we will continue to contribute to the development of prosperous communications-oriented society through our businesses by providing highly reliable and high-quality communications services. We have shared among all employees the " KDDI Philosophy," which defines our vision, and all are working to fulfill our mission.

We ask for your ongoing support and cooperation.

July 2016
Takashi Tanaka