Cloud Apps

Achieve a new work style


G Suite (in Japanese only)
G Suite is a cloud-based office suite from Google for improving productivity that comes in a package containing necessary business tools such as large-capacity Gmail and storage, video conferencing, document creation, and spreadsheets.

Office365 with KDDI (in Japanese only)
This is a cloud service that lets you use Microsoft Office and other tools necessary for communication and work all in one place.

Cloud apps

This is an affordable cloud package that allows you to safely and securely utilize your smart devices. Use this service as a security countermeasure on your tablets, smartphones, and notebook PCs.

This is a version of LINE for business use developed together with LINE Corp. that allows you to also use stickers.

This is a cloud business chat tool that lets you have group chats, manage tasks, and manage files from a smartphone or PC.

KDDI SMART Address Book (in Japanese only)

This business-specific cloud address book service comes with address book sharing, simple user management, and security features for your multiple devices.

Cloud services

Cisco Spark with KDDI (in Japanese only)

This is a cloud service that integrates business communication focusing on video conferencing. It can be used from various devices.

  • IoT solutions
Network advertisement signage (in Japanese only)

This solution achieves affordable and simple signage to attract customer attention. This is a new one-stop signage solution that resolves the issues of conventional signage.

  • Security
KDDI Business ID (in Japanese only)

This service achieves easy and secure ID management by combining necessary IDs for managing cloud service usage into one.

KDDI Knowledge Suite (in Japanese only)

This is a sales support (SFA) service with no restriction on the number of users.
Sales reports, business negotiation management, client management, sales analysis, and other necessary features are available in this all-in-one service.

This is an internet FAX service that allows you to view received content on a PC, smartphone, or mobile phone. It can reduce costs by allowing you to print only necessary content.

Simple. Secure. Low-cost. This cloud-based online storage service is all three.

  • Cloud
Achieve remote conferencing by using KDDI's domestic and international access points.

This service enables a new style of Web conferencing and visual communication that can be freely used anytime, anywhere, and by anyone for a wide variety of purposes.

  • Voice and Phone Services
This service provides PBX functions in a cloud-based service.

  • Voice and Phone Services
KDDI Cloud Autocall (in Japanese only)

This service automates your telephoning operations with the use of synthesized voice messages.

  • Security
This service achieves everything from cloud solution recommendations to total support after the start of operation.

  • Global service
Cloud DNS is a highly reliable cloud-based DNS service.

Server rental and hosting services

Outsource the DNS server required to utilize your domain to KDDI easily at a low cost. KDDI operates the DNS server (primary and secondary) in your place.

IaaS, PaaS, and DaaS

We have partnered with our subsidiary, iret,Inc., to renew the AWS service and provide a service that includes monitoring, operation, design, construction, and intranet along with AWS.

The new cloud platform service supports various flexible system constructions that let you build a system that is fast and highly reliable.

Services no longer available for new applications

Cloud apps

Basic Pack (in Japanese only)

A package that allows you to use cloud apps optimized for you business on smart devices at a monthly charge per ID.

KDDI Smart Expense Compensation (in Japanese only)

This service enables you to simplify cost calculations by using a Web browser. With the ability to input figures from a smart device, you can streamline and speed up your accounting procedures.

KDDI Business Card Bank (in Japanese only)

This service makes it easy to register business cards using the camera functions of your smartphone or au mobile phone, a desktop scanner, or a multifunction device.

GPS MAP (in Japanese only)

This advanced location information service allows you to acquire the current location of an au mobile phone in real time.

Business Convenient Pack (in Japanese only)

This is a packaged ASP service with various convenient functions that you can use in business scenarios, including security measures and emergency contacts.

Cloud services

KDDI Mobile Recorder (in Japanese only)
  • Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it.

Server rental and hosting services

KDDI Hosting Service (Dedicated Type) (in Japanese only)
  • Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it.
KDDI Hosting Service (S101/S102/S103/S104) (in Japanese only)

This high-functioning hosting service comes standard with various CMS as well as being reliable and secure.

KDDI Hosting Service (S10/S20/S20SSL/S30/S40/S50) (in Japanese only)

Achieve an enhanced Internet business with a wide array of features essential to homepages included standard.

IaaS, PaaS, and DaaS

AWS with KDDI (in Japanese only)

We provide connection to KDDI's intranet services, managed services, and the AWS system construction, the public cloud popular around the world.