Site Policy

Visitors to the website provided by KDDI Corporation ("KDDI") (refers to the Web pages of the domain and hereafter called "KDDI website") are asked to carefully read the following site policy.

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  • Please note that the site policy and the relevant rules are subject to change without notice.


While KDDI takes the utmost care and caution in publishing information on the KDDI website, KDDI does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of this information.
KDDI may change the information published on the KDDI website without notice.

KDDI and its affiliates companies assume no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss that you incurred as a result of using information or content included on the KDDI website.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights to any text, illustration, logo, photograph, video, software, and other information published on the KDDI website are the properties of KDDI or third parties.

Aside from personal use and other cases where permitted under the Copyright Act, it is prohibited to use this information (including reproduction, alteration, distribution, and public transmission) without the copyright holder's prior permission.

The names, etc. of KDDI's products or services on the KDDI website are KDDI's trademarks or registered trademarks.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • The use of the KDDI website is, unless otherwise specified, governed by the laws of Japan.
  • Access to the KDDI website is deemed to be made voluntarily by the accessing visitor. The responsibility for using the KDDI website lies with the accessing visitor.
  • Any and all disputes related to the use of the KDDI website are exclusively brought to the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance unless otherwise specified.


About links to the KDDI website

In principle, links to the KDDI website are permitted regardless of whether for commercial or non-profit purposes. However, please refrain from creating links in any of the following cases or when there is a risk of falling under one of the following cases:

  • Web page that contains content intended to defame, slander, or otherwise hurt the reputation of KDDI and/or other entities (corporations and individuals) or organizations;
  • Act or Web page that infringes or may infringe KDDI's and/or other entities' or organizations' intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark, properties, privacy, or portrait rights or other rights;
  • Web page displaying a part of the KDDI website inside a frame or otherwise presenting the content of the KDDI website in such a way that makes it unclear that it is a KDDI website content, consequently misleading third parties (a link should always completely switch the screen display to a KDDI website page or open a new browser window to display the KDDI website); or
  • Other act that is in violation of laws and public order, including laws, ordinances, and regulations, or Web page that may obstruct the operation of the KDDI website services.

It is also prohibited to post a link using any logo, mark, or other registered trademark held by KDDI. KDDI does not permit a link to be posted in such a way that leads visitors to misidentify the source of information.

Please note that the URL of the KDDI website is subject to change without notice.


KDDI assumes no responsibility for any recompense or complaint regarding links.

Security (Handling Personal Information)

KDDI has set forth the Security Statement based on the Basic Policy for Information Security established in 2004 and internally and externally publicized the Security Statement. KDDI declares to operate in compliance with the Security Statement as well as comply with the Privacy Policy (Code of Conduct for the Protection of Personal Information).