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  3. Operating environment, use of cookie information, and advertising delivery

Operating environment, use of cookie information, and advertising delivery

This page explains the operating environment, use of cookie information, and advertising delivery, etc. when using websites (hereinafter referred to as "Our Sites") operated by KDDI CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "KDDI"). Please read the following content concerning the browsing and use of Our Sites.

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Recommended Environment

KDDI recommends using the following Web browsers for using our Sites more safely and comfortably.

  • How the content is displayed may depend on your device's settings, or the browser or application that you are using.

OS and Web browsers

OS Web browser
Windows Official latest versions of the following:
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
macOS Official latest version of the following:
Android OS Official latest version of the following:
Standard Web browser
Google Chrome
iOS Official latest versions of the following:
Google Chrome


Some Web pages on our Sites require Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher).

You will need Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher) to view and print PDF files. You will need RealPlayer or RealOne Player, or Microsoft Windows Media Player, or an equivalent application to view videos.

  • Some Web pages require the latest version of application.


Our Sites use JavaScript in some content for the comfort of your use.

Please note that disabling JavaScript in your Web browser settings may cause some content to not be displayed correctly or prevent certain operations.


Our Sites use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol for data transmission to protect the users' personal information.
SSL/TLS allows your name, phone number, and other personal information you may enter on our Sites to be automatically encrypted upon transmission, preventing external third parties from accessing your personal information.

You do not need to change your Web browser settings to use SSL/TLS.
However, your Web browser must support SSL/TLS to use applicable services. It is therefore recommended that you use the latest version of the Web browser.
If you are connecting to the Internet through a firewall of a corporate LAN, SSL/TLS communication may not be available depending on the firewall settings.

Our Sites use SSL digital certificates issued by DigiCert Japan and GMO GlobalSign, or SECOM Trust Systems.

Display of Customer Information

After logging into our Sites with your au ID, your login state continues until you log out. While you are logged in, your information is displayed on our Sites.

  • If you do not want to stay logged in, log out of our Sites or delete your Web browser's cookies to recover your pre-login state.

Displayed customer information and any duplicated, printed or otherwise output customer information are to be managed at your own responsibility.

Collection of Site Browsing Information

Information collection on Our Sites

Our Sites use cookies, etc. automatically transmitted from the device in use to collect customer site browsing information, etc.
Moreover, KDDI handles cookies, site browsing information, other identifiers, and customer attribute information in the appropriate manner based on the privacy policy established by KDDI.

Use of external services

Our Sites collect customer website browsing information and other data via external services.
Moreover, in cases where customers use the account authentication provided by KDDI, the company may combine web access information with identifiers (ID, etc.) assigned to individual customers for use and transmission to external services after adding customer attribute information, etc.

A list of external services as well as the detailed data collected by each service, purpose of use, and method of suspending collection are provided below by site category.

Sites for individual customers (telecommunication services) (in Japanese only)

Sites for individual customers (non-telecommunication services) (in Japanese only)

Sites for corporate customers (in Japanese only)

Other sites which provide information about KDDI (in Japanese only)