Social Media Policy

KDDI sets forth the following policy and statement as the stance and behavior that KDDI will follow in operating official social media accounts.

Basic Policy

Upon participating in social media, KDDI's staff responsible for operating KDDI's official accounts will aim to achieve quality communication with customers with constant self-discipline as a sensible member of society.

Understanding and Dealing with Media Characteristics

KDDI's social media staff understands that information on social media can be accessed by a large number of unspecified visitors and cannot be completely removed once it is released. The staff will bear in mind to listen attentively and behave with the self-awareness and responsibility of a member of KDDI.

Visitors Using Social Media

KDDI takes the greatest possible care for any information released from its official accounts. Please visit the KDDI website for official announcements and opinions.
How an account is managed depends on each account. Please view the list of KDDI's official social medial accounts for details.

List of KDDI's official social media accounts (in Japanese only)