Notice regarding revised charges

The INMARSAT Aero rate plan has been partly revised since August 1. 2016.
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Notice regarding the end of the INMARSAT Aero H System (High Gain Aircraft Earth Station equipment) service

INMARSAT has decided a 2-year extension of the provision period of the INMARSAT Aero H System (High Gain Aircraft Earth Station equipment) service, which will be terminated as of December 31, 2018.

Overview & Features

The INMARSAT Aero and the INMARSAT Aero Mini M that uses Aircraft Earth Stations (AES) and Mobile Earth Stations (MES) respectively mounted in aircrafts provide digital communications services between the air and the land via INMARSAT communications satellites.

Types of services

Telephone service

As well as being used for communications between the cockpit and cabin crew and their airline company, the services can also be used by making public communications to the land from handsets in the aircraft.

Data communications service

The service can be used to provide packet data communications (with information like operational data or weather forecasts) between an aircraft in flight and the airline's host computer. Packet data speed is 300 bps, but this can be improved to 4,800 bps by using a high gain antenna.

High-speed data communications service

This service connects aircraft to a ground ISDN network, or to other aircraft, with a transfer speed of 64 kbps, making high-speed data transmission possible.

Internet packet data communications service

This is a specialized Internet IP packet service that allows connection to the Internet from aircraft at a speed of 64 kbps without the need for a contract with a provider.

To use the INMARSAT Aero service

First make a contract with KDDI, then install the Aircraft Earth Station facilities on an aircraft. KDDI will do all the necessary applications for accessing the INMARSAT system, and also those required by the Radio Act.

Image: Outline of the INMARSAT Aero service