INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband)

Notice regarding the revised charges and new rate plans

Part of the existing rate plan for INMARSAT FB (Fleet Broadband) has been revised, and new rate plans (the 75MB Plan, 1GB Plan, and 40GB Plan) have been available since March 1, 2016.
For the content of the revised rate plan and new rate plans, click the link below.

Rate plans (tax exempt)

Notice regarding termination of acceptance of new applications and the end of the service

New applications for the 200MB Plan of INMARSAT FB (Fleet Broadband) are no longer accepted as of December 31, 2014, and the service is no longer provided as of April 30, 2016.

As of December 31, 2014, new applications for the 2GB Plan and the 6GB Plan are no longer being accepted.
As an alternative plan, the 250MB Plan, 4GB Plan, 8GB Plan, and 20GB Plan are available.
As of March 31, 2015, new applications for the IP Fixed Rate Plan are no longer accepted.
As an alternative plan, the 20GB Plan is available.
Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it until it ends.

How to Use

INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment allows you to use the telephone with its special handset, and ISDN data transmissions, standard IP packet communication, and streaming IP packet communication with the aid of a computer. Operations and connections depend on the INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment that you are using, so please also refer to the equipment's instruction manual.


  • Installation of "Launch Pad" software for controlling your INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment with a computer

Install the "Launch Pad" software onto your INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment so that you can control it with a computer.

Setup: Before starting communication

  1. Insert the SIM card into your INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment.
  2. Connect your INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment to the handset and a computer with "Launch Pad" installed and turn on the computer.
    • Connections to the computer depend on the INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment and the interfaces and drivers that are provided with it, so please also refer to the equipment's instruction manual. You do not need to turn on a computer if you are only going to use the telephone.
  3. Switch on the INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment.
  4. Start up "Launch Pad" on your handset or computer to control your INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment.

    <On the handset>

    1. (1) On the handset or INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband) equipment, enter the PIN of the SIM card you inserted.

    2. (2) When "Ready" appears on the screen, the equipment is ready for communication.


    1. (1) Start up "Launch Pad."

    2. (2) If "Log In" information is set, enter your "Password" to get started.

    3. (3) Enter the PIN number of the SIM card you inserted.

    4. (4) Get GPS data to clarify your position relative to the satellite.

    5. (5) Press the "Connect" button.

    6. (6) When "Registered with the network. Ready phone, ISDN & text. Click Connect for IP Data" appears in the "Status" field, registration for communication is complete.

Image: PC

To make a call

  • After setup, you can use the device as follows.
    • To make a call from a ship to a fixed phone in Japan
      Dial "00," then the country code ("81" for Japan), the area code (excluding the first "0"), then the telephone number, and finally press #.
      For example, to call 03-XXXX-XXXX in Tokyo, enter as follows.


    • To make a call from one ship to another
      Dial "00", then "870"(ocean region code), the INMARSAT number of the other party, and finally press #.

      00870INMARSAT number#

To use ISDN data transmission (64 kbps)

  • After setup, you can use the device as follows.
    1. Use the computer's communications software to dial. For example, to connect with 03-XXXX-XXXX in Tokyo, enter the destination number as follows. Dialing is the same as for a telephone call, but enter a * and a # at the end.
      • Make sure your computer's communications software is prepared with the proper modem and connection settings.


    2. After communication, cut the connection with your computer's software.

To use ISDN FAX communications

  • The procedure to send a fax with ISDN varies depending on the model. Settings may be required in advance.
    Refer to the manual of your model for details.

To use Standard IP Packet or Streaming IP Packet communications [1]

  • After setup, you can use the device as follows.
    1. In "Launch Pad's Connection control" field, click the icon [2] of the destination you want to connect to.
    2. Wait until the icon becomes active (the border turns green).
    3. Go ahead with data communication.
    4. When you are finished, click the active icon (green border) in the "Connection control" field to cut the connection.
    • [1]
      Streaming IP packet communication will be charged by time.
    • [2]
      The icon displays "Disconnect" while it is connected and "Connect" while the connection is cut.

How to inquire by phone

  • You are directly connected to a KDDI operator (24-hour support: Free).
    Dial "33", and press "#".