The NERA Fleet33 and Fleet55 are no longer available.
You can continue using your current equipment; however, the maintenance period of each device ended as shown below.

NERA Fleet33 December 31, 2014
NERA Fleet55 December 31, 2014

How to Use

The following explains how to use the KDDI INMARSAT service from an INMARSAT Fleet equipment.

  1. Turn on the INMARSAT Fleet equipment.
  2. Confirm that the antenna has acquired the satellite and is on standby.
  3. Dial "003#," the KDDI access code.
    • Depending on the equipment manufacturer, you may have to dial "003*" or "003" to access KDDI instead. You can also choose to register the access code beforehand. For details, please refer to the equipment's instruction manual.
  4. Next, dial the country code followed by the telephone number.
  5. Lastly, dial #.
For example, to call 03-1234-5678 in Tokyo 003#-->00-->81-->312345678-->#
For example, to call INMARSAT B 343100000 003#-->00-->870-->343100000-->#

KDDI Access Code

The ocean region where you are Pacific Ocean Region Indian Ocean Region Atlantic Ocean Region - West Atlantic Ocean Region - East
Access code 003

Ocean region code

  Pacific Ocean Region Indian Ocean Region Atlantic Ocean Region - West Atlantic Ocean Region - East
Telephone, fax 870

"Specify all regions/870" is a new ocean region code for faxes and telephones that automatically connects to the region where the other party's INMARSAT equipment is located.

You can also use the following codes to access a variety of services, apart from the direct-dial code, "00."

Code Service details Connection Information
00 (telephone only) Automatic connection (then enter the destination number) The other party's telephone handset  
12 (telephone only) Information KDDI operator  
32 (telephone only) Medical advice Medical organization  
33 (telephone only) Technical assistance KDDI operator (technology)  
38 (telephone only) Medical assistance Medical organization  
62 (telephone only) Medical advice KDDI operator  
91 (telephone only) Line test KDDI exchanger Tone return
  • From June 3, 2013, as with medical assistance communications by dialing 38#, distress calls, emergency calls and safety communications that originate from an INMARSAT B, M or Fleet terminal to the Yamaguchi LES are directly connected to the Japan Coast Guard, not via the KDDI operator. The method of making calls from ships remains the same.