INMARSAT IsatPhone Pro (TM)

Notice regarding the termination of sales of IsatPhone Pro (TM) devices

IsatPhone Pro (TM) devices are no longer available for purchase by new customers as of December 1, 2015. You can continue to use the device you are currently using. The maintenance support for the devices will continue until October 2019. The succession model will be announced in the future.

Communication charges

Please contact us separately for details about charges.

Making calls to IsatPhone Pro(TM)

When placing a call to IsatPhone Pro(TM) from another phone, you must make an international call.

Open link in a new windowHow to make an international call

Example: When using KDDI's 001 international telephone service

001-010 + IsatPhone Pro(TM) telephone number

  • The 001 international telephone service is provided by KDDI Corporation.
  • No application is necessary when using the service from a conventional fixed-line telephone or au phone. When using the 001 international telephone service to call IsatPhone Pro(TM) from a mobile phone other than au, an application is required if you wish to take advantage of the discount service. (To apply, call 077-7160, toll free.)
  • Calling charges may vary depending on the international telephone service that you use. For details, contact the KDDI Corporate Customer Center. (Call 0057, no area code.)
  • The dialing method shown above may not be available with some fixed-line telephones using MYLINE services with a carrier other than KDDI. If this is the case, first dial "122" to temporarily disable MYLINE, and then dial the number.
  • Some types of telephones (such as IP phones, HIKARI phones, or other direct-access-type phones that do not rely on NTT switching equipment) may not be able to place calls to IsatPhone Pro(TM). Check with your current carrier beforehand to ensure compatibility.
  • Customers may be able to place calls to IsatPhone Pro(TM) using an international telephone service from a carrier other than KDDI. The dialing method, calling charges, and other factors may vary depending on the carrier. For more information, contact your current carrier.
  • When making calls from IsatPhone Pro(TM), your phone number may not be displayed properly on the receiving phone. To ensure that calls are received, disable any settings on the receiving phone that may block anonymous calls.