INMARSAT IsatPhone Pro (TM)

Notice regarding discontinuation of sales

As of December 1, 2015, sales of the INMARSAT IsatPhone Pro (TM) handset have been discontinued. Customers who are currently using the handset may continue to use it. Maintenance support for the handset is scheduled to continue until October 2019. The INMARSAT IsatPhone 2 is available as a successor model.

INMARSAT IsatPhone 2 (in Japanese only)

Restricted use areas

Cautions regarding restricted use of INMARSAT GSPS

The usefulness of IsatPhone Pro (TM) and other INMARSAT GSPS [1] satellite mobile phones was recognized in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and INMARSAT services have been legislated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as part of disaster readiness. However, due to concerns that such phones may negatively affect astronomical observation at radio astronomy observation stations in certain areas, users are requested to observe the flowchart below and use the system appropriately.

  • [1] GSPS is an abbreviation of Global Satellite Phone Services

Radio Astronomy Frequency Subcommittee, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (1.6GHz Satellite Mobile Phone Representative)

Restricted use of INMARSAT GSPS

Restricted use areas

As of April 1, 2015

Usage during emergencies

When normal communication methods are not available due to a large-scale disaster (storm, heavy rain, heavy snow, flood, storm surge, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or nuclear accident), you may use the phone without having to contact the authorities.

Usage in a life-threatening emergency situation (except a large-scale disaster)

When used in isolated life-threatening emergencies such as alpine accidents, fires, traffic accidents and aircraft accidents, you are required to contact the radio astronomy authorities after usage (within approximately one week).

Contact information

Radio Astronomy Frequency Subcommittee, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (1.6GHz Satellite Mobile Phone Representative)

Send an e-mail message titled "Notice regarding use of satellite phone in restricted use area" and provide the following information.

  • Purpose of use
    (Give details if used in a life-threatening emergency.
    For example: alpine accident, fire, traffic accident, aircraft accident)
  • Date and time
    (Indicate the time period when used.
    For example: 3 October 2013, 15:10-15:13, 15:35-15:40)
  • Location
    (Provide the name of the restricted use area where used as shown in the "Detailed list of restricted use areas".
    For example: xx, xx city, xx prefecture)
  • Name and contact information of representative (phone number, e-mail address)
  • Name of purchaser
  • Satellite phone model (Name of model, e.g. INMARSAT IsatPhone Pro (TM)

Q&A concerning usage restrictions

Why are there restricted use areas?

Satellite phones transmit radio waves to a stationary satellite far above the earth (at a height of approximately 36,000km), and hence they emit strong radio waves. The reason for the restrictions is so that these waves do not affect observations at radio astronomy observation stations that receive weak radio waves from space.

Provided that I contact the authorities afterward (report the usage situation), can I use the satellite phone in a restricted use area?

No, you may not. Use is only allowed 1) in the event of a disaster (no report after use is required), 2) in the event of a life-threatening emergency (except a large-scale disaster) (report after use is required), and 3) during the disaster drill periods in March and September (no report after use is required). The details of each event are posted on this website.

In what state is the satellite phone not in use?

When the power is switched off. While the power is switched on, the terminal automatically emits radio waves.

Do I need to test transmission/reception of the satellite phone in the location where I plan to use it?

No. Satellite communication is possible anywhere in Japan (out of doors), so the satellite phone can be tested outside the restricted use areas.

My workplace is located within a restricted use area and I cannot participate in the joint disaster drills.

Disaster drill periods are provided twice a year to enable emergency drills to be conducted using satellite phones in restricted use areas. Satellite phones should only be used within the restricted use areas during these periods. Outside the specified disaster drill periods, we would ask that you participate in drills outside the restricted use areas.

Are the usage restrictions the same for all telecommunications carriers?

The conditions are all the same regardless of which telecommunications carrier you subscribe to. The authorities to be contacted when you use the satellite phone are also the same.

I have read the information on the website, but there are still some points I do not fully understand.

For inquiries about this service, please contact KDDI using the contact information below.