The SatMail-C service allows inexpensive email communication between land through the light and compact INMARSAT C equipment.

It allows you to send and receive email as you normally would with the Internet, making it remarkably user-friendly. The receiver can choose their own time to read the email, whether on land or sea.

Image: SatMail-C


  • You can send email between INMARSAT C equipments and the terrestrial Internet, as well as between INMARSAT C equipments themselves.
  • You can apply any combination of "TO:", "CC:", and "BCC:" to send to multiple addresses.
  • Delivery or non-delivery notices are sent for all communications.
  • The maximum size for each message, including addresses, is 32 KB (some INMARSAT C equipments may limit this size to 8KB).
  • You can also use the polling feature to get information about the location of the ship from land.