Charged fees (for each FREE CALL number)

Monthly fees [1] ¥1,000
Registration fee ¥1,000
  • [1]
    Daily prorating applicable
  • In addition to the fees above, a universal service fee per phone number will be incurred. For details, refer to the "Universal service system" link below.

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Combine with MYLINE PLUS to get a "FREE CALL Set Discount"!

If even one line with KDDI registered as the service provider for MYLINE PLUS in three or more calling zones (including in-prefecture long-distance and out-of-prefecture long-distance) is in the same FREE CALL S bill, your FREE CALL S monthly usage fee for that bill drops from ¥1,000 to ¥900!

  • FREE CALL DX is also included in this deal.
  • If your daily-prorated monthly usage fee is ¥100 or less, your discount amount will equal the monthly usage fee.

Calling costs

KDDI FREE CALL calling costs apply.

FREE CALL DX/FREE CALL S calling costs

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.