Mobile Subscriptions

In April 2014, the Telecommunications Carrier Association stopped issuing monthly announcements of subscriber numbers by carrier, and began issuing quarterly announcements. Accordingly, KDDI also changed to quarterly announcements for its mobile service subscription figures. Future announcements will be made following quarterly financial statement releases.

As of June 2014

Historical Data

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au Subscriptions

  June 2014
Total 41,015,700

Geographic Area

  June 2014
Hokkaido 1,697,700
Tohoku 2,508,400
Kanto 16,919,600
Chubu 4,672,300
Hokuriku 821,200
Kansai 7,189,000
Chugoku 2,172,200
Shikoku 1,006,600
Kyushu 3,419,600
Okinawa 609,000
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