Research Areas

KDDI R&D Laboratories Research Divisions

Image: Research Areas

Areas of research are the driving force behind KDDI technology, and these areas are divided among nine divisions. These divisions are conducting research and development on world-leading information and communication technologies in a wide range of fields.

The links below provide further information about the research work of each division.

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Open link in a new windowFuture Design Division

Along with the diversification of values, lifestyles, and working styles of people and the emergence of various new businesses, we provide a broad range of research and analysis services for future prediction, policies, market, business models, life styles, and technology trends, leveraging our years of experiences in research, studies, and human networks.

Open link in a new windowAccess Network Division

In order to support an "ambient society" with multi-network, radio transmissions, wireless platforms, cognitive radio, and mobile/fixed access network are studied towards innovative technologies, and wireless applications are developed as well.

Open link in a new windowCore Network Division

Research and development in various backbone fields, such as high-speed photonic transport and network control and management, are conducted to provide a variety of high quality FMBC services. We are also conducting research on future Internet technologies.

Open link in a new windowNetwork Operation and Administration Division

Research and development for network management over multi-networks, including integrated operation & management, quality management, traffic congestion avoidance, auto-configuration, and power-saving operation, etc., are conducted to provide a variety of high quality.

Open link in a new windowGreen Cloud Division

Research and development are conducted to realize eco-friendly society by green ICT technologies and M2M platform such as smart grid, and to realize ambient society by cloud computing platform for integrating from device to application and big data analytics leveraging cloud computing technologies.

Open link in a new windowSecurity Division

Security technologies that enable cloud computing and/or social network services are covered. Main topics include fundamental research on cryptography, and practical technologies for smart phone security, privacy and cyber security.

Open link in a new windowMultimedia Division

Research and development are conducted to realize multiuse of various contents in multi-device and multi-network era, with multimedia technologies including music and video processing, space reconstruction by free-viewpoint audio/video, and the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting.

Open link in a new windowHuman Communication Division

Research and development are conducted to create a new era of advanced human communication in global expansion, with innovations including human interfaces, intelligent data mining, and social media analysis and utilization.

Open link in a new windowR&D Promotion Division

Radio transmissions, radio access networks, wireless platforms, and cognitive radio toward innovative mobile and wireless technologies are studied to support an "ambient society."