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KDDI Research and Development System

The word "DOGYEAR" symbolically suggests the ever-accelerating speed of advancements in today's communication technology. In world of the Internet, in particular, it is not unusual for a technology to be all the rage one day and then forgotten one year later, or a new technology to emerge from nowhere and grab the world's attention. For KDDI, it is essential to organize a research and development system to keep up with the speed of these technological advancements.

Of course, even a great technology will not reach customers if the development costs are too high or it cannot be fully perfected. Cost, performance, and other factors must all be taken into account when comprehensively evaluating a technology. The technology must be optimized and provided at a reasonable price to the customer.

Image: KDDI Research and Development System

A wide range of processes, including development, evaluation, and design, are necessary for each individual technology before research results can be put to practical use. At KDDI, the research and development divisions work in close collaboration while actively conducting research and development for bringing useful and interesting new services to customers.

Image: KDDI Research and Development System