KDDI Domestic Ethernet Services

Service Menu (Bandwidth Choice Type)

The bandwidth choice type service provides a point-to-point Private Leased Circuit connection between two locations in Japan via Ethernet, offering a selection of various line speeds.

  • Provides an Ethernet-based connection (1000BASE-SX/1000BASE-LX/10GBASE-LR).
  • Offers bandwidth choices of 150Mbps, 300Mbps, 450Mbps, 600Mbps, 750Mbps, 900Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbp, enabling selection of the necessary bandwidth according to network traffic volumes. The selected bandwidth can be used exclusively.
  • Adopts the highly-reliable SDH/SONET technology for relay zones.
150M 300M 450M 600M 750M 900M 1G 10G
Interface 1000BASE-SX (compliant with IEEE802.3z)
1000BASE-LX (compliant with IEEE802.3z)
10GBASE-LR (compliant with IEEE802.3ae)
Communication method Turning on the auto negotiation function is recommended Full duplex (fixed)
Distances within which service is available Up to 50km/Up to 200km/Up to 600km/Over 600km
Service area Nationwide
SLA Not applicable
Minimum contract period One year