IRIDIUM Services

This is a satellite phone service that turns the world into a service area. This service succeeds in various scenarios like as a communication tool that can be used anywhere or as a means of emergency communication.

This service allows you to use Iridium satellite communications just by installing the dedicated app [1] to your smartphone or tablet, and connecting to the Iridium GO! (TM) Wi-Fi router. iOS and Android (TM) are both supported.
  • [1]
    Installation of the Iridium GO! (TM) app is required.

Communication between Iridium devices is performed only using satellites. Communication between Iridium devices and other phones is performed using earth stations located in America.

This is a low-capacity packet data service that uses compact card-based devices. By using Iridium satellites, you can use this service anywhere in the world.

Iridium OpenPort (R) is a satellite communication service lets you use three phone lines and data communication at sea through the use of Iridium Pilot (R) devices.