KDDI and LAC combine to provide all-inclusive security that allows you to leave all your security needs to us.

This service achieves easy and secure ID management by combining necessary IDs for managing cloud service usage into one.

This service offers security measures and allows you to centrally manage remote settings, asset management, and more.

This service monitors the content on public websites and can quickly detect alterations to servers.

KDDI provides GlobalSign SSL server certificates at affordable prices.
This service completely blocks targeted attacks and trickier web-based attacks with the world's highest standard multi-layer defense system, which can be implemented thanks to cloud availability.

Simple. Secure. Low-cost. The cloud-based online storage service accomplishes all three.

This ASP service allows you to collectively manage your various PC environments. You will achieve greater compliance and increased security.
Daily increasing DDoS attacks are blocked at the KDDI backbone network! We protect your network environment.

With a UTM [1] device that includes your firewall, this management-based solution service operates and manages your network security environment 24 hours a day.

  • [1] UTM device: Unified Threat Management device
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Learn how to effectively introduce devices into your company using Apple's Device Enrollment Program.