Executive Members

As of June 21, 2017

Goro Yamaguchi

Goro Yamaguchi, Outside Director
[Date of Birth] January 21, 1956

  • Jun. 2017
    Director (Current position)
    Apr. 2017
    Chairman of the Board and Representative Director of KYOCERA Corporation (Current position)
    Apr. 2013
    President and Representative Director, President and Executive Officer of KYOCERA Corporation
    Jun. 2009
    Director and Managing Executive Officer of KYOCERA Corporation

Nobuyori Kodaira

Nobuyori Kodaira, Outside Director
[Date of Birth] March 18, 1949

  • Jun. 2016
    Member of the Board of Directors of Toyota Motor Corporation (Current position)
    Jun. 2015
    Aichi Steel Corporation,Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Current position)
    Jun. 2013
    Director (Current position)
    Jun. 2012
    Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation
    Jun. 2011
    Director and Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation
    Jun. 2010
    Senior Managing Director of Toyota Motor Corporation

Shinji Fukukawa

Shinji Fukukawa, Outside Director, Independent Director
[Date of Birth] March 8, 1932

  • Jul. 2014
    Director of Kanamic Network Co., LTD (Current position)
    Jun. 2014
    Director (Current position)
    Dec. 2012
    Chairman of Toyo University (Current position)
    Nov. 2003
    Administrative Director of Toyo University (Current position)
    Nov. 2002
    Chairman of Japan Industrial Partner, Inc. (Current position)
    Dec. 1988
    Senior Advisor of Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute (Current position)
    Jun. 1988
    Retired as Vice-Minister of Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Kuniko Tanabe

Kuniko Tanabe, Outside Director, Independent Director
[Date of Birth] April 1, 1945

  • Jun. 2015
    Director (Current position)
    Jun. 2003
    Audit & Supervisory Board Member of DAIDO METAL CO., LTD. (Current position)
    Feb. 1982
    Joined Tanabe & Partners, Partner (Current position)
    Mar. 1973
    Registered as attorney at law

Yoshiaki Nemoto

Yoshiaki Nemoto, Outside Director, Independent Director
[Date of Birth] December 2, 1945

  • Jun. 2016
    Director (Current position)
    Apr. 2012
    Director General of Resilient ICT Reserch Center, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
    Apr. 2008
    Director, Tohoku University
    Apr. 2004
    Councillor of Educational Reserch Board, Tohoku University
    Apr. 2000
    Head of Information Synergy Center, Tohoku University
    Apr. 1995
    Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University
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