Brand Management

KDDI's Brand Message

At KDDI, we define "Tomorrow, Together" as our brand message to answer the question of what kind of presence we want to be for our customers and society. Through the evolution of the power to connect, we express our commitment to sustainably develop and grow together with our customers, partners, and society toward the future.
KDDI has developed the multi brand strategy for the consumer market, taking full advantage of the features of each brand, under the slogans: "Explore the extraordinary" for the au brand, "Simple-wo-minnani" (Simple for all) for the UQ mobile brand, and "Kimini-pittarino-jiyuue, isshoni" (Together to the freedom that is right for you ) for the povo brand. The slogans are a reflection of our commitment to better understand our customers and continue being the company that people choose.
We are making company-wide efforts to promote the improvement of customer experience, which leads to customer satisfaction. Establishing a strong brand and managing it properly is one of our key issues. For the proper management of our brands, we are striving to raise employees' awareness of issues like unauthorized use of trademarks and inappropriate use of logos by third parties, so as not to affect customer satisfaction or bring any disadvantage to society.

Advertising Policy to towards achieving the Company Vision

KDDI envisions itself as a company that aims to be "The company the customer can feel closest to," "A company that continues to produce excitement" and a company "Contributing to the sustainable growth of society," in order to realize its brand message. We aim to understand our customers through all points of contact and provide the best services at the right time.
Our communication efforts are strongly promoted as one way to realize this policy.

Our Approach to Advertisement Production

KDDI advertisements are created with the idea of contributing to improved customer satisfaction, based on the rules of the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations as well as voluntary standards and guidelines on placement of telecommunications services advertisements, to avoid interfering in the autonomous and rational choice of customers by unfair enticement.
When creating an advertisement, each department shares detailed information about the purpose of the advertisement and the details of the product or service. The created advertisement is inspected at each department before it is submitted to the review department for final approval. As a rule implemented since 2013, advertisements cannot be used without passing the final review. We select media that can be effective points of contact for communication with customers, as well as being cost effective.

FY2022 Violation of Regulations

There were no violations of any regulations related to marketing or communication (the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations).

Promotion Regime

Brand Communication Efforts

From December 2022, the KDDI brand has been promoting initiatives aimed at realizing "KDDI VISION 2030" through TV commercials and owned media "KDDI Tobira". Through various customer touchpoints, we are strengthening the perception of empathy and expectations for KDDI.
For the initiatives of au, we rolled out the Santaro TV commercial series from January 2015 and "too sophisticated Takasugi-kun" series from January 2018. In an effort to spread the brand image of au under the brand slogan "Explore the extraordinary," we will continue to run both series with the aim of further increasing our popularity.
For UQ mobile as well, the new UQUEEN series was launched in September 2021 and we are striving to get the brand slogan, "Simple-wo-minnani" (Simple for all) widely recognized among consumers and improve the brand's favorability.

External Recognition

FY2022 activity results

  • CM Soken Consulting
    FY2022 Commercial Popularity Ranking by Brand:
    First Place (November 2021 to October 2022)
  1. *Listed as Brand of the Year for eight consecutive years


As one of our initiatives to improve our brand value, we sponsor sports contests, sports organizations and social and cultural projects.
We aim to create new value that can be experienced in daily life, such as providing new spectator experiences using communication and technology, and social contribution activities, and continue to provide excitement for customers.

Soccer As a supporting company of Japan's national soccer teams, we support the Samurai Blues (men's team) and Nadeshiko Japan (women's team). We also sponsor the J.League teams Kyoto Sanga F.C.
Motor sports We are supporting motorsports as a sponsor of the "TGR TEAM au TOM'S" in the largest GT race in Japan, "SUPER GT," and "TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Rally challenge," "TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GR86/BRZ Cup."
E-Sports We are supporting the spread of esports in Japan as a sponsor of the professional team "DetonatioN FocusMe," which is leading the increasingly popular esports worldwide.
Student sports We support the promotion and development of student sports as a partner of the Japan Association for University Athletics and Sport (UNIVAS) and National High School Sports Festival (Inter-High).

GINZA 456 Created by KDDI

Since September 2020, we have been operating a concept shop where you can experience the initiatives of the KDDI brand. In the basement, you can enjoy experiential events using cutting-edge technology in an immersive space. On the first floor, you can learn about and understand KDDI's initiatives towards the realization of "KDDI VISION 2030". On the second floor, we display the latest lineup of au/UQ mobile, and accept consultations and contracts related to product purchases, as well as handle after-sales service procedures.
We hope that customers can feel "Tomorrow, Together" and "Explore the extraordinary" through the brand experience at GINZA 456 Created by KDDI.

Starting Up Old Phones: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Mobile phone Reboot is an event held by KDDI from 2016. Old cell phones that can no longer be turned on are rebooted using a special device to retrieve photos, e-mails, and other precious memories. Memorable photos are printed out and given to the owners. The service is free of charge and also accepts phones that are not au. So far, we have held events in collaboration with various partners, at KDDI directly managed stores nationwide, and at various event venues, with a total of 340 times, and more than 12,400 customers have experienced it (as of July 2023).