President's Message

Aiming to realize "integration of telecommunications and life design" to further improve customer experience value

Advances in information and communications technology have brought us to the dawn of a digital transformation, where the utilization of telecommunications and the Internet will revolutionize industries across the board. Every industry sector needs to be able to meet this challenge.

In this situation, KDDI is accelerating its medium-term target business strategy of "transforming into a business that provides customer experience value." We will actively promote new value proposals through the "integration of telecommunications and life design," by positioning telecommunications services at the center, and enhancing them with life design services in fields such as commerce, finance, energy, entertainment, and education.

As IoT and 5G enter full force, we are entering an era in which creating new experience value is a key theme. In the lead up to the start of 5G commercial services in 2020, we will accelerate testing of technologies through alliances with a broad range of partners, and in summer 2018, we will establish "KDDI DIGITAL GATE" as a business development center to create new business solutions for the IoT/5G era. To realize new value creation, we will engage in business development through joint creation with various partner companies, as well as open innovation incorporating innovative ideas and advanced technologies from startup companies.

In our overseas business, we will further accelerate the growth of our telecommunications businesses in Myanmar and Mongolia, which are centered on consumer services. We will continue to expand our corporate ICT business, which provides services through over 100 bases in 62 cities across 28 countries and regions worldwide and strengthen the earning capability and expand the scale of our TELEHOUSE brand data center services.

KDDI engages in sustainable management to resolve social issues and promote the sustainable development of society. As we strive to be a company that customers can feel closest to and a company that continues to produce excitement, we will contribute even further to the development of a communication-rich society through the integration of telecommunications and life design.

Thank you for your continuing support and cooperation.

July 2018
Makoto Takahashi