KDDI's Commitment to Sustainability

KDDI's ultimate goal is to achieve a truly connected society. As a telecommunications operator providing social infrastructure, we have an important social mission to provide reliable telecommunications services at all times under any circumstances.

We also consider it our social responsibility to be ambitious in tackling many challenges our society faces.
The KDDI Group Philosophy, which sets out our vision and values as a company as well as the code of conduct for our employees, ensures that we always aspire to be a company valued and trusted by all our stakeholders.

KDDI's Material Sustainability Issues

There are numerous issues we face in our business activities. We have identified six material sustainability issues in particular, based on two perspectives: their influence on stakeholder reputation and on decision-making; and the company's impact on the environment, society and economy in relation to them.

Material issues Challenges

Safer and more resilient connected world

  • Resilience to extreme weather events
  • Risk management

Cyber security and privacy protection

  • Utilization of information assets and tightening of security
  • Data privacy

Fulfilled life brought through ICTs

  • Contribution to economic growth through robust information communication infrastructure
  • Improvement of access to education, medicine and other public services through ICTs
  • Promotion of employment creation and capacity building
  • Innovation management

Rewarding workplaces for diverse talents

  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Human resource development and career development
  • Pursuit of employee satisfaction
  • Promotion of health-focused management

Respect for human rights and fairness in business

  • Pursuit of sustainable procurement
  • Respect for workers' rights
  • Prevention of corruption and bribery
  • Promotion of fair and proactive communication

An energy-efficient, circular economy

  • Energy efficiency improvement and utilization of clean energy
  • Zero emissions and 3Rs
  • Reduction of society's impact on environment through ICTs

Relationship between Material Issues and KDDI Sustainable Action

KDDI engages in various business activities and initiatives that help contribute to the attainment of SDGs. KDDI's Medium-Term Management Plan for fiscal 2019-2021 released in May 2019 sets out the company's vision, to which a new target of "contributing to the sustainable growth of society" has been added. The company also presented an overview of KDDI's target SDGs together with quantifiable performance indicators consistent with the Management Plan. As part of our efforts to promote the SDGs, we reviewed the scope of our initiatives based on social issues.
And we revised KDDI's Target SDGs from the perspective of "magnitude of social issues" and "business areas where we can contribute more as a telecommunications carrier," and established target "KDDI Sustainable Action" for 2030 in eight categories of social issues.
Our material issues relate to the social issue categories as shown in the table below. By addressing the issues, we believe that we can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.