KDDI HOMETelephone
If you want to talk more, select KDDI.

Select a plan with basic rates and calling charges that suit your needs!

Domestic calls

I would like to get a discount on both basic rates and calling charges!

Direct-access-type phone services provided through KDDI's own network, instead of NTT's communication equipment, are recommended.

au HIKARI Phone service
au HIKARI Phone service
For customers who want to install optical fiber communication cables at home!
Cable-plus Phone
Cable-plus Phone
Low-cost service provided through cooperation with a cable television service!

I would like to talk with my friends free of charge as much as possible!


Free calls between subscribers/partner ISP users!

Compare calling rates of individual fixed line services.
List of calling rates

International calls

It’s easy to make international calls from your mobile phone. No basic rates!
You only pay for calling time!

KDDI international call services are available not only from mobile phones and fixed line telephones, but also from public phones and IP phones.

International Calls

Integrated services of "fixed line + Internet" and "fixed line + au mobile phone"
offer value and convenience!

au HIKARI (in Japanese only)

Open link in a new windowau HIKARI (in Japanese only)

Customers are charged the monthly usage charge for online services plus ¥550 (tax included) only for the phone service.

Combine home phone and mobile phone. More discounts! More convenient!

Open link in a new windowau Collective Talk (in Japanese only)

Domestic calls can be made free of charge at all hours if you use an au mobile phone and au Home Phone as a set.

Open link in a new windowau → My Home Discount (in Japanese only)

Domestic calls from an au mobile phone to your home can be made free of charge at all hours if you use au Home Phone at home!