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Satellite Growth Strategy

KDDI seeks 5G-driven evolution in telecommunications business and business expansion in the core areas centering around communications.

Satellite Growth Strategy

This business strategy is defined as the Satellite Growth Strategy in mid-term management strategy (FY 2022 to 2024).
Positioning full-fledged 5G at the core, KDDI will step up its telecommunications business and expand the priority areas around communications, specifically digital transformation (DX), finance, energy, life transformation (LX), and regional co-creation (CATV, etc.).

5G Communications

To an age of new value born from the infusion of communications into every aspect of life through the penetration of 5G

The key to the success of the Satellite Growth Strategy is 5G communications. Together with diverse partners, KDDI aims for an age of new value emerging from the infusion of communications into every aspect of life.
In expanding 5G coverage, KDDI is currently extending the service area throughout Japan along the community lines to deliver comfortable use to more customers.
The application of new value will be expanding with the full-scale delivery of stand-alone (SA) 5G network. We will provide 5G experiences and expanded services through partnering.

15G area development
・Developing the network along active community lines
By predicting high-demand areas through analyzing data traffic volume, KDDI will efficiently expand 5G coverage.
・National coverage
KDDI will contribute to the Government's goal of "5G access to the entire population" (95% coverage as of March 2024) in the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation.
2Evolution of 5G technology

The full-scale implementation of 5G SA will expand the application of new value. Stable communications for different use cases can be achieved with network slicing, while network operation undergoes innovation with open virtual networks.

3Delivering services and experience through partnerships

Through partnering, which is one of our strengths, KDDI will expand services and provide the high-definition video experience and real-time service experience that only 5G can offer.


Accelerate DX by drawing on 5G-centered group assets

The cornerstone of the development of priority areas in the Satellite Growth Strategy is the DX business targeting corporations. KDDI will further evolve the know-how for optimal operational management of communications platforms and IoT in the coming age where communications permeate every corner of our life. Together with our partners, we will create new value. As a future plan, KDDI aims to offer tailored solutions for each industry using network slicing on the 5G platform and accelerate our corporate customers' digital transformation.
We will also apply successful DX models in Japan to global business through our unified marketing system.

1Accelerating our corporate customers' digital transformation

To continue turning out new added value, KDDI will accelerate corporate customers' digital transformation through providing specialized platforms for different industries.

2DX co-creation case studies
This media portal delivers actual voices from innovation sites and the latest trends regarding organizational transformation, human resource development, regional co-creation, innovations, and business co-creation to businesspeople, revolving around communications and digital transformation (DX).
・KDDI X passion
Business experts in KDDI's Corporate Business Division guide you through the actual innovation sites with interviews and first-hand experiences as navigators. Using actual examples of service application, the future of business is unraveled through a look into cases of real-world practice.
3DX development system
・KDDI Digital Divergence Group
In April 2022, KDDI developed a framework for creating new value by launching the DX Promotion Division, which vertically integrates business development and consulting, DX service planning, and system development.
In May 2022, KDDI Digital Divergence Holdings was incorporated as an interim holdings company specializing in DX. In July of the same year, KDDI Digital Divergence Group started up as a agglomeration of companies with capabilities in cloud-based system development, application development, service design, and agile organization transformation consulting—all of which are essential for DX.
KDDI Digital Divergence Group


Promote collaboration among the wide-ranging financial functions in the finance group

In the finance business, KDDI will promote the collaboration and cross-use of diverse functions and services within the finance group to increase customer engagement.
As our future plan, we will deploy B2B2X services to expand our line of business by offering the au Financial Group's Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform to non-financial business operators.

1Financial cross-use

KDDI will promote collaboration of the wide-ranging functions and services in the finance group.

2Providing platform services

Likewise DX, KDDI aims to provide new added value through an integration of financial services through the provision of platform services.

3Financial business framework
・au Financial Holdings
KDDI engages in the promotion of the Smart Money Scheme, in which smartphone-centric payment and financial services are provided as a one-stop solution, and enhanced collaboration of in-group services and finances, both of which are part of establishing a group management framework. With maximized bilateral synergy of communications and finance, as well as increased customer engagement, we will further pursue the full merit of digital financial services.
au Financial Holdings


Contribute to achieving carbon neutrality in society through business

KDDI aims for steady business growth with stable profits and expansion of the customer base. KDDI will also embark on new carbon neutrality-related business. In addition to renewable electricity generation, KDDI will step up the supply-demand adjustment capability that supports the growth of renewable energy.

1Carbon neutrality business

KDDI will further expand renewable electricity generation with partners. To counter any instability of the supply-demand balance associated with the growth of renewable energy, KDDI will strengthen supply-demand adjustment capability through the promotion of the VPP business.

* Virtual Power Plant (VPP): Technology that utilizes ICT and other technologies to control distributed solar power and energy sources such as battery cells like a single power plant.

2Achieving carbon neutrality
・Carbon neutrality initiatives
KDDI aims to achieve net zero CO2 emissions from in-house business activities by 2030. As for the data centers operating under the Telehouse brand, the KDDI Group has already accomplished carbon neutrality in Europe and is currently working toward achieving net zero CO2 emissions globally by 2026.
The KDDI Group as a whole aims to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.
3Related systems
・au Energy Holdings
While a change in the business environment of energy-related providers is foreseen in the future to realize a carbon neutral society, KDDI established the au Energy Holdings with the aim to swiftly respond to the changes in the business environment together with our partners and quickly and flexibly deliver services that meet the needs of our customers.
au Energy Holdings
・KDDI Green Partners Fund
This corporate venture capital supports startups working on climate change issues. Through this fund, KDDI offers financial support and opportunities to startups to work together on achieving carbon neutrality.
KDDI Green Partners Fund


Life Transformation

Innovate life experiences and behaviors with 5G and technological evolution

In life transformation (LX) business, we will create the businesses of the future through 5G penetration and technological advancement that will reform people's experiences and activities in their daily lives.

1LX efforts

As the advanced technology for age of Beyond 5G and 6G, KDDI will focus efforts in the LX technology with a user-oriented approach to networks, security, spatial recognition and image analysis, and AI.

For metaverse, one application of LX value creation, KDDI will create space where everyone can express themselves in the coming Web 3.0 age.

KDDI will also start drone services and create new experiences through partnership with Space X in the area of satellite communications.

KDDI will create space where everyone can express themselves in the coming Web 3.0 age, enabling users to directly own and share content with each other. Specifically, KDDI will provide new bilateral communication that uses avatars, a new digital economic zone comparable to the real economic zone, and a platform that offers an open, creator-driven creative environment.
KDDI will deliver services that promote regional revitalization and enriched life. Specifically, KDDI will contribute to advanced logistics that makes use of driverless delivery, which frees transportation from locational constraints, and will deliver new experiences through the expansion of photographable space.
・Satellite communications
Through the provision of high-speed satellite communications partnering with Space X, we will deliver urban-level communications quality to all corners of the country, contributing to the creation of new experiences.

Regional Co-Creation

-CATV, etc.-

Resolve the digital divide and promote regional co-creation

KDDI will deal with problems in regional communities and create together with these communities.

1KDDI's regional co-creation

KDDI's vision of regional co-creation involves creating the community's future by developing a sustainable model that solves regional issues through means such as DX personnel training for local companies and supporting venture businesses with the regional co-creation fund.
The New Norm at this time of COVID-19 has put forward the use of non-contact services, thereby making the resolution of digital divide an imperative. KDDI will work on resolving digital divide among 15 million people by March 2025 through support activities such as elderly smartphone lessons.

Smartphone lessons
This program aims to resolve the elderly's concern for using digital devices and problems they may be experiencing regarding the use of smartphones, thereby achieving a society where everyone can enjoy the benefits of digitization.
On-demand transportation
This partnered program co-creates optimal mobility experiences that meet the specific needs of the region, thereby contributing to the facilitation of driver's license returns, resolution of mobility concerns, and childcare support.
KDDI provides the "mobi" area-specific flat-rate mobility service in collaboration with WILLER.