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CISO Message

Senior Managing Executive Officer, Director
CTO, Executive Director, Core Technology Sector
Kazuyuki Yoshimura

As KDDI VISION 2030, KDDI delivers the message, "Evolving the "capacity to connect" to create a society where anyone can achieve their wishes" and is working on a diverse range of businesses to achieve a fruitful communication society. Information security is key in this pursuit. As the responsibility of an enterprise that plays a role in core infrastructure, KDDI positions information security as a critical issue for delivering stable telecommunications services at all times.
The proliferation of smartphones, the development of big data and AI technologies, and the corporate progress in digital transformation have led to the creation of new services using various information, which also comes with intricate and diversified risks in information security and privacy. Cyber-attacks and other criminal activities in cyberspace by malicious hacker groups are increasing and getting more and more sophisticated.
Amid such circumstances, in order to protect telecommunications facilities from unauthorized access, tampering, targeted attacks, and other cyber-attack threats, KDDI's security engineers are on vigilant duty round-the-clock for monitoring while we are simultaneously developing automated AI-driven technologies for analyzing and monitoring cyber-attacks. Furthermore, KDDI regularly works in collaboration with CSIRTs in Japan and abroad, as well as other relevant organizations, to collect and analyze vulnerability information and attack trends to set up stronger security measures.
KDDI will continue to provide services that users can rely on as being safe by keeping up the development of our combat against increasingly sophisticated and complex emerging threats. This website introduces KDDI's security initiatives. We appreciate your interest and time in reading through this website.


KDDI acknowledges proper management of information as a critical management issue and has formulated and follows the Security Policy and Privacy Policy in order to ensure information security and protection of data privacy. As a telecommunications carrier responsible for core public infrastructure, KDDI is dedicated to being a trustworthy company for our customers and partners.

Information Security Framework

For the purpose of ensuring uniform information security throughout the group for our information assets, KDDI has established the Information Security Committee, chaired by the Senior Managing Executive Officer & General Manager of the Technology Sector, to operate a group-wide organizational framework with the heads of management, and the marketing, technical, and corporate sectors as committee members.
This framework not only enables precise understanding of the status of information security management, but also promotes swift deployment of information security enhancement measures throughout the group.
KDDI also acknowledges proper information management as a critical management issue, and in order to ensure information security, formulated the Security Policy, which establishes the basic policy for information security, including the information security management framework, implementing information security measures, and establishing internal rules on information security.

Information Security Management Framework

Information Security Management Framework

Information Security Management Framework

Roles of the Information Security Committee

  • [1]
    Decision-making and promotion of group-wide measures to prevent information leaks from inside the group
  • [2]
    Decision-making and promotion of group-wide measures related to the defense against attacks and intrusion from outside via network
  • [3]
    Establishment and management of security policy and other information security-related rules and regulations


KDDI engages in a variety of information security initiatives to deliver safe and secure services to customers.

To provide safe and secure services

To provide safe and secure services, KDDI takes measures against cyber attacks, breaches of personal information, and unauthorized use of service.

Provision of security measures information to customers

KDDI introduces some security measures for customers to help you avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Annual Report

We publish the Cyber Security Annual Report with the aim of introducing the KDDI Group's information security activities to our stakeholders and increasing the reliability of our business.