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Sustainability Management

Contribution to "Realizing a truly connected society" including the KDDI Group Mission is exactly what sustainability is all about.
By enhancing social and environmental value in addition to economic value, we will realize a cycle of sustainable growth for both the company and society.

Sustainability Management

KDDI Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report 2023

KDDI Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report 2023

Materialities and values we embrace

The KDDI Group aims to contribute to sustainable growth in society and advance corporate value together with our partners by driving our Satellite Growth Strategy and strengthening our management infrastructure.
We have also designed a new set of materialities that comprehensively cover social issues and the importance of the KDDI Group's management from a long-term perspective.

Materiality 01

Promotion of innovation centered on telecommunications

  • Create an exciting future society for customers by driving innovation based on our Satellite Growth Strategy with telecommunications at its core

Values We Embrace (1)
Molding Future Society

Through Satellite Growth Strategy centered on communications, promote innovation that customers can experience in their daily lives and create a future society.

Values We Embrace (2)
Realization of sustainable industrial / infrastructure environment

Realize a sustainable industrial / infrastructure environment by providing innovative solutions for communications and other social infrastructure / connected vehicles.

Materiality 02

Realization of a safe, secure, and prosperous society

  • Leverage technological innovation to provide resilient infrastructure, realize economic development, and a safe and secure society
  • Pursue regional co-creation and eliminate the digital divide

Values We Embrace (3)
Regional co-creation

Realize regional co-creating by connecting people and regions together with DX centered on communication and solving information gaps and regional issues.

Values We Embrace (4)
Eliminating regional and economic disparities globally

Eliminate regional and economic disparities by contributing to local economic development through the maintaining and expanding of communications and peripheral services in emerging overseas countries.

Materiality 03

Carbon neutral

  • Promote decarbonization so that we can pass on this rich earth to the future
  • Achieve carbon neutrality by FY2030

Values We Embrace (5)
Carbon neutral

In addition to achieving carbon neutrality in 2030*, we will provide customers with renewable electricity and contribute to solving the global climate change problem.
* Visit here about our actions to achieve carbon neutrality

Materiality 04

Strengthening the group management base through progressing governance

  • Establish a governance system that emphasizes independence and diversity, thorough risk management, thorough compliance, ensuring customer privacy by building up strong data security, fair and proactive information disclosure, respect for human rights, and promotion of sustainable procurement

Values We Embrace (6)
Strengthening the management infrastructure of the entire KDDI Group

Create social and environmental value by establishing a strong management infrastructure through the strengthening of governance in the entire KDDI Group.

Values We Embrace (7)
Respect for human rights

Respect human rights in all business activities, eradicate human rights violations in the supply chain, and contribute to the sustainable growth of society.

Materiality 05

Human resources first

  • Pursue the well-being of our employees and promotion of diversity and inclusion
  • Human resource development and career development
  • Initiatives for health and productivity management

Values We Embrace (8)
Advancement of professional human resources and engagement improvement

Create innovation and contribute to the sustainable growth of society by fostering a corporate culture that encourages the active participation of diverse and professional talent while also providing a challenge.

Materiality 06

Advancing stakeholder engagement

  • Build strong relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, customers, distributors, suppliers, and shareholders

Vision & Strategies

Vision & Strategies