2. Corporate Information
  3. Sustainability
  4. Mid-Term Sustainability Targets (FY2022~FY2024)

Mid-Term Sustainability Targets (FY2022~FY2024)

Values We Embrace Details of implementation Index FY2021 results FY2024 targets
(1) Molding future society Promoting business creations and R&D projects based on Satellite Growth Strategy Number of projects (Mid-Term cumulative total) 21 60
Providing virtual cities in collaboration with local governments Growth of Monthly Active Users
Promoting innovation to strengthen intellectual capital Number of patents held in 5G/Beyond 5G + Satellite Growth-related areas Year on year grew 20%
(2) Realization of sustainable industrial/infrastructure environment Contribution to industry/infrastructure DX IoT connections 24.5 million connections 44 million connections
Promoting customer work style reform Percentage of KDDI customers (corporate customers) deploying zero-trust solutions 35%
Expand 5G coverage 5G population coverage governmental target 95% by FY2023
Eradication of major incidents

Number of serious incidents

  1. *Based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' incident reporting guidelines.
0 0
(3) Regional co-creation Solving disparity in regions

Number of people supported (Mid-Term cumulative total)

  1. *Services such as smartphone classes, in-store support, usage support, on-demand transportation, local education (lectures and seminars,) Simple TV Phone service, and disparity elimination for local governments, medium-sized and SMBs.
5.7 million 15 million
Development of regional experience support services Number of users of regional experience support services (Mid-Term cumulative total)
Eliminating financial divides Transaction volume of settlement/loan 11.7 trillion yen 16.3 trillion yen
(4) Eliminating regional and economic disparities globally Expand global business in Myanmar Ensure the safety of our employees, respect the human rights of the people in emerging countries, and strive to maintain the social infrastructure that is essential to people's daily lives.
Education and training of the next generation in Mongolia using telecommunications Number of subscribers to Stars, a communications service for children aged 13 and under (cumulative total) 0.18 million
(5) Carbon neutral KDDI's carbon neutrality including telecommunication facilities KDDI's carbon neutrality including telecommunication facilities (Scope1+2) (KDDI non-consolidated) CO2emissions:
1.09 million tCO2
Achievement of FY2030 carbon neutrality

Achievement of carbon neutrality by the KDDI Group at its worldwide data centers

  1. *Excluding data center facilities and equipment provided by other companies on a partial lease basis
0.3 million tCO2
Achievement of FY2026 carbon neutrality
Providing renewable energy to customers Percentage of corporate contracts supplied with renewable energy Over 60%
Providing next-generation renewable energy solutions Promote and streamline the use of renewable energy in society by providing next-generation energy solutions such as EV station installation, virtual power plants (VPP), and IoT-based renewable energy infrastructure maintenance through partner collaboration
(6) Strengthening the management infrastructure of the entire KDDI Group Strengthen the governance and information security of the Group as a whole

Number of serious incidents [Jump to the applicable section1]

  1. Cybersecurity-induced divulgence of personal data and significant service outages
  2. Inappropriate use of personal data
  3. Serious incidents other than the above
0 0
Number of initiatives of advanced security technology [Jump to the applicable section2] (Mid-Term cumulative total) 4 15
(7) Respect for human rights Conduct business activities with respect for human rights Respect for human rights in all KDDI Group business activities
Human rights due diligence [Jump to the applicable section3]

Improvement rate for suppliers that may be violating human rights (consider suspending business with them if they fail to respond)

  1. Endorsement of KDDI Group Procurement Policy
  2. Identification and dialogue with high-risk parties
  3. Improvement support for high-risk parties
Check the status of respect for human rights with approximately 90% of top suppliers in terms of the purchase value (response rate: 98%) Improvement rate: 100%
(8) Advancement of professional human resources and engagement improvement Career development for skilled human resources Percentage of professional human resources on all specialized fields 30% * All areas

All employees who have completed DX basic skills training (KDDI non-consolidated: Mid-Term cumulative total)

  1. *Learning opportunities to be expanded to the Group
All employees
Conduct the Employee Engagement Survey Maintain and improve employee engagement score


  1. *Average of quarterly survey results (4 times/year)
Maintain 72 or over
Promotion of diversity-oriented human resources (D&I) Ratio of female directors 7.1% 20% or over
Percentage of females in managerial positions [Jump to the applicable section4] (KDDI non-consolidated) 9.4% 15% or over
  1. [1]Cases that require reporting or notification to the competent authorities and cause severe damage to reputation.
  2. [2]Number of news releases and topics by KDDI non-consolidated and KDDI Research, Inc.
  3. [3]Top 90% of KDDI Group procurement amount and suppliers with known human rights risks are covered.
  4. [4]Personnel in managerial positions: Leaders who have personnel evaluation authority and experts in specialized area, the percentage is as of April 1st in next fiscal year.