KDDI’s Privacy Policy

Appendix 2: Specific examples of data used

  • [1]

    Basic information

    • Name and date of birth of a user registered with the "User Registration System" of telecommunications services
    • Answers to questionnaires, etc.
    • Name, address, contact, etc. obtained from a third party with the subscriber's consent by referral of a customer
    • Family composition
    • Information related to the subscriber's residence certificate and certified copy of registry obtained by making an inquiry at a public institution
    • Subscriber's phone number, mail address, au ID, subscriber code, contact phone number, place of work, etc.
    • Name and address of subscriber
    • Date of birth and gender of subscriber
    • Information in the subscriber's identification documents (driver's license and certified copy of registry, etc.)
    • Occupation
    • Address, bank account number, and account holder's name as well as credit card number necessary for billing (including billing address)

    and others

  • [2]

    Service information

    • Participation in campaigns and receipt/use of coupons
    • Information related to access records of push notifications, advertisements, or announcements sent to the subscriber or user
    • History of the subscriber's or user's browsing and use (including purchase history)
    • Information on communication history, including starting/ending time of communication of the subscriber or user, length of communication time, and destination number
    • Description of service applied for by the subscriber
    • Service charges, billed amount, payment status, payment method, etc. of the subscriber
    • Subscription details (including date of subscription, subscription type, purchase amount, installments, and expected date of completing payment)
    • Information associated with a third-party ID linked to the ID provided by KDDI
    • Information related to points provided by KDDI (refers to all points provided or issued by KDDI regardless of their name (e.g. Ponta points from the au Ponta Point Program); hereinafter referred to as "KDDI Points"), including the provision, issuance, use, and balance of KDDI Points as well as the shops at which KDDI Points were provided or used and the history of use
    • Information related to Internet use (including history of websites visited, keywords, and ads viewed and clicked, access time, access method (browser type), use environment of terminal used for access (connection environment and carrier information), Cookie information, IP address, and the terminal’s unique identification number, which are collected via Cookies by KDDI or provided from a third party)
    • Other information obtained through service provision including application, detail of inquiries, identification codes automatically granted to customers by KDDI, etc.

    and others

  • [3]

    Location information

    • Information on location of the subscriber or user

    and others

  • [4]

    Information obtained through businesses and agencies
    This refers to information collected in the following businesses and operations:

    • Telecommunications business
    • Intermediation of installment sales and individual credit purchases
    • Banking agency, insurance agency, and financial instruments intermediary service
    • Electricity retailing
    • Other KDDI business operations

    and others

  • [5]

    Information obtained from external parties

    • Information published in official government gazettes and telephone directories
    • Subscriber’s credit use history and previous debt payment status registered with the Membership Credit Information Center, etc.*
    • Information included in the subscriber's residence certificate and certified copy of registry and information obtained by making an inquiry at a public institution
    • Information provided by partner financial institutions (2―3 in Appendix 5)
    • Information provided by partner insurance companies (2―4 in Appendix 5)
    • Information provided by partner financial instruments business operators (2―5 in Appendix 5)
    • Information lawfully acquired from a partner company, etc.
    • Other information lawfully acquired from a third party

    and others

  • [6]

    Terminal information

    • Information on communication devices (serial number, model name, product number, device-unique ID, etc.)
    • Information on apps installed on the subscriber’s or user’s terminal, app versions, and app operation logs (date/time of installation, app startup count, app startup date/time, etc.)

    and others

  • [7]

    Other information obtained based on customer’s consent