Released Information

About Universal Service Fund System

Explanation of the 'Universal Service Fund System,' which stipulates that phone carriers shall bear any expenses necessary to enable a customer, in any household anywhere in Japan, to be able to fairly and safely use phone services that they have subscribed to.

Privacy policy

KDDI is committed to acknowledging the importance of privacy and to observing the Telecommunications Business Law, Personal Information Protention Act, and other laws and regulations. We release our privacy policy and adhere to it, in order to attain strict compliance for the protection of privacy.

Security Policy

KDDI, having a mission to provide telecommunication services in a safe and stable manner, shall strive to earn the trust of its customers and related parties by handling of customer information and confidential corporate information securely as well as consistently taking appropriate precautionary measures against information leak risks. For this purpose, KDDI releases this “Security Policy” both internally and externally, and declares its intent to comply with this policy and the “Privacy Policy” (see separate document).

KDDI CSR Procurement Policy

We have established the KDDI Purchasing Policy as our guideline when purchasing products and services. In agreement with this policy, we comply with numerous laws, regulations, and social norms and strive to foster mutual understanding and forge trustbased relationships with our business partners.

About using phones after a disaster

The Council for Safety and Reliability of the Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) requests the understanding and cooperation of phone users concerning phone use after a disaster such as earthquakes and accidents to secure important public communication and to smoothly confirm the safety in the afflicted areas.

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This page describes information for manufacturers considering connectivity verification with the KDDI network.