KDDI’s Privacy Policy

Appendix 3: Announcements regarding the sharing of personal data

KDDI shares customers' personal data as follows. This shared use of customers' personal data is limited to service providers to the extent necessary for the purpose of shared use and does not mean sharing all personal data among all service providers and organizations.
When providing personal data, KDDI complies with applicable laws, regulations and other guidelines, and takes the appropriate measures.

1. Shared use of information related to the provision of services, responses to inquiries, and various types of information

<Personal data items that are jointly used>

Data described under 5. Data Used

<Scope of joint users>

KDDI and KDDI subsidiaries or affiliates that satisfy the conditions of privacy and data governance specified by KDDI and that are deemed necessary to provide personal data in order to achieve better services for customers (*)

  • A list of corresponding companies is posted on the page below and will be updated as needed.
    List of companies using shared personal data (in Japanese only)
  • Also refer to the page below for details on KDDI's approach to data governance and data collaboration.
    KDDI's approach to data collaboration (in Japanese only)
  • Regarding the shared use of personal data with companies within the applicable scope, the information that is required in order to provide services to customers shall be included in the personal data and purpose of shared use, and if there are any conflicts with other rules and agreements, priority is given to this shared use.

<Purpose of use of the above organizations>

To achieve the purpose of use described under 4. Purpose of Use

<Persons responsible for managing the personal data>

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