Aiming to Solve Social Issues - CSV Initiatives

Establishment of CSV Conference

Approaches to CSV that include not only conventional social contribution activities such as donations and volunteer activities, but also efforts to solve social issues through business activities, are receiving attention around the world. In June 2013, KDDI established a CSV [1] conference for the purpose of spreading CSV awareness within the company.

The CSV conference is administered by the CSR & Environment Management Department and includes the participation of 14 management-level officers from 12 business divisions, including the R&D Strategy Division, Corporate Strategy Planning Division, Service Planning Division, and KDDI R&D Laboratories.

  • [1]
    CSV is a business concept that aims to create both social and corporate value by solving social issues through corporate business activities.

CSV Conference Activities

In FY2013, five conference sessions were held from June to September, in which basic CSV awareness was raised, instructors from outside the company presented case studies, and conference members participated in discussions, workshops, and general study sessions. After beginning with the raising of basic awareness, the conference facilitated the exchange of opinions across the company, ultimately consolidated the opinions into three major topics for inclusion in the workshops, and reported CSV plans to management. In FY2013, which was characterized as a period for gathering information, some positive results were achieved.

Moving forward, KDDI will continue making proactive CSV efforts such as participating in activities through the Japan CSV Business Development Organization, of which it has been a member since FY2013.

Comments from Outside Experts

This time, I was fortunate to serve as a facilitator. We conducted a lively discussion and heard suggestions on topics covering three major social issues. I felt that the opportunity for participants to share various perspectives from different business departments made this an extremely fruitful occasion. Communications networks can bring together value from various distant places, and this can lead to real interaction and trade. I am convinced that this is the CSV direction that KDDI should aim for.

Yoshinori Takahashi, President, Universal Design Intelligence, Inc.

I was invited to the second CSV conference to discuss key issues involved in CSV efforts. All participants from the various business divisions across the organization were highly motivated, and I felt that the culture of embracing the challenge of the unknown is a strength for KDDI.

In new business creation, it is essential to have a clear commitment from top management. Environment and social contracts tie the hands of existing businesses, but a change in perspective can lead to business opportunities. I hope that management maintains a strong will and KDDI uses its unique perspective to make bold efforts.

Hiro Motoki, President, E-Square Inc.